Private Hire Vehicle test

Vehicle Test Private Rental

Hire Vehicle Inspection (Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle Testing) Under the Council's taxi fee terms, a vehicle presented for Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Vehicle licence must be in an appropriate state to ensure the inspector's satisfactory state. This six-year period shall apply to all vessels. Usually the vehicle ages are counted from the date of first DVLA-approval.

These roadworthiness tests are carried out by the Environmental Service on request of the Council.

Privately rented vehicle registration

Every vehicle that accommodates eight or fewer people and can be rented from a single chauffeur needs a driving license. Authorised private hire cars may only be operated by a person in possession of a private hire driving license granted by the same authority that issues the license. Any private rental vehicle used for daily private rental must be less than three years old at the time of the first license.

The applicant must be ready to attach numberplates and the label "no booking noise ride" to the vehicle for the duration of the driving license. Some private rental cars may be registered up to the age of seven. It may be exempt from the display of number plate or doorsign of the European Parliament if the vehicle complies with the Council's vehicle registration system.

Exemptions apply to businesses that only want to work with Corporate/Executive Hire chauffeurs. A higher quality vehicle, for which a higher rate can be anticipated, is needed. Each vehicle shall conform to the specifications of the Board of Private Hire Vehicle Licensing. Rigorous conformity testing is necessary for all cars.

These include a regular TÜV test and a minimal level of overall vehicle health and safety. During the term of the license, all registered cars are subjected to rigorous mechanic tests. Test frequencies depend on the vehicle type and vehicle type. It is the norm used by the test facility which is included in the Vehicle Norms Test Handbook.

License administrators must authorize any type of advertisement before applying promotion materials to private rental cars. Those responsible will comply with our guidelines for the licencing of vehicle advertisements. Advertisements on private rental cars under license are limited to the promotion of private rental providers. A new private car rental license can be requested by simply download the instructions and an online request package.

This guide package describes the process for applying for a new private car rental license. Contains all request documents, charges, the private rental vehicle specifications and the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning vehicle types that have been authorised for vehicle use. Before buying a vehicle, the applicant must make sure that the vehicle complies with the specifications and exemptions for private rental use.

Failure to comply with all the necessary requirements will result in the vehicle not being registered. Each seat and seating configuration shall conform to the specifications over its entire width and deep. If legroom is impaired by the center panel or instrument panel, these cars will not be permitted.

Also, all occupant seating shall be directly available without the need to transfer other seating positions. Licences shall be issued to a smaller number of authorised persons if it is necessary to move seating to allow boarding and alighting of persons from other seating positions. Please consult the license team if you have any questions after having read the manual and the package.

Current licensees will receive a prolongation notice 4 to 8 week before your license expires. If you have not recieved a renew email within the time limit, please email the license team to receive a renew email reminder package. Below you will also find further information for vehicle owners who must inform the license team of changes, including: requesting provisional vehicle registration in the case your vehicle is involved accidentally.

Any private car rental licenses are granted on condition that the usual terms and condition for the registration of private cars are met.

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