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What's great about Grab is that you have a number of services at your disposal. The GrabTaxi is the most common and allows you to call a taxi at any time. GrabTaxi Taxi Booking in the Philippines Comfortably reserve a taxi with a few fingertips on your smart phone. GrabTaxi - Why? With the gripper you can go anywhere you like.

We will find the closest available rider for you. Do you know your driver's detail, position and expected ETA? GrabTaxi - what is it? The GrabTaxi is a smartphone-based taxi reservation and scheduling system. It is our mission to modernize the taxi business in the Philippines and make it a more secure and effective means of transportation that we can all be proud of.

Do I need to use GrabTaxi? The GrabTaxi enhances the way taxi riders greet taxi riders and how taxi riders look for them. With GrabTaxi you can find the nearest taxi in less than a moment with just two tap! The wait for your rider is also minimized, as the algorithms for selecting the best rider for you are always the nearest interested rider.

The GrabTaxi offers you transparent information about your taxi reservation - your driver's name, registration number, telephone number and approximate ticket price. Follow your rider as you await him and "share your ride" on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or text message to make sure your friends know your itinerary and your time! You will then receive an immediate acknowledgement of the progress of your reservation!

GrabTaxi - How does it work? What is the best way to begin making a reservation? Is GrabTaxi available? Driver all over Metro Manila, Cebu City, Davao City, Iloilo City, Bacolod City and Baguio City! It is also important for us or the driver to get in contact with you at the pick-up.

As soon as the passengers are in the taxi, our driver are skilled to switch on the counter. The only thing you have to cover is the measured ticket price (based on LTFRB) and an extra reservation charge that will vary from town to town. Review your application to find out more about our reservation charges. What is the reason for a reservation charge?

This is because the driver is able to recover their costs by going where you are. Keep in mind that the driver does not run his counter until you are in the taxi. Furthermore, we offer you promptness, security and security. With the best taxi reservation in Manila, we guarantee to always better meet your needs.

and my chauffeur never showed up. Your chauffeur information will be made available to you so that you can contact your responsible chauffeur.

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