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Privatjet charter | Rental | Learjet 45 / 45XR This Learjet 45XR (Extra Range) has an almost 1000nm longer cruising distance with more climbs and speeds than the Learjet 40. Every year new privately owned aircraft are launched, but only occasionally is a truly cutting-edge model published. Learjet 45 is one of the few aircraft to smoothly incorporate new technologies into a proven and proven older aircraft model.

You can expect its velocity and efficiency, it's a Learjet, after all, the remainder of its small equipment is a high-quality personal one. In the Learjet 45 cab, there are eight berths, usually in a twin cockpit design, with ample space for pivoting, reclining and tracking.

Don't be fooled by the readings; the Learjet 45's inside has been redesigned to provide the largest possible cabin area.

Videoclip - Learjet 75 Review privat jet with Stratajet

Firstly, something I've written about a few a time and also Normand Hamel (see section "Normand's Run-Up Pad"), I mean the A220-100 (CS100) MSN 50007, 50008 and 50009..... Since two years these three planes are round-the-clock at Mirabel Airport and challenge us with wet and hot summers, snows and freezing winters.

Last winters one of these 3 planes (MSN 50007) rested on its stern after the front and front rack cables that held it down had collapsed. If the incomplete aeroplane has no motor and no interior, the centre of mass makes its stern too difficult to properly position on its landing surface without fixing the aeroplane nosewheel to the floor.

The Airbus team will decide this weekend to formally scrape these 3 early A220 (CSeries) planes and reinstate the parts that can be rescued from them, as the costs of adapting these planes to the present level of manufacturing would be too high. It is not currently known what the real loss will be due to the official depreciation of these planes.

Strangely enough, SWISS is to take over one of the (but somewhat less old) planes that were also stored outside, namely MSN 50018 and 50019. Are you expecting the first Delta A220 (CSeries) plane to make its "maiden flight" from Mirabel Airport next weekend? Can I feel a faster manufacturing and supply chain?

The SWISS A220-300 MSN 55040 leaves Mirabel Airport for Switzerland early next morning. Mirabel Airport is the first airport in Switzerland to do so. On Friday night at 18:00 (22:00 UTC) Korea Air A220-300 MSN 55035 will leave Mirabel Airport in direction South Korea via Alaska. Including their second plane, MSN 55048. Keep up to date on the two A220-300s ordered by the carrier to be shipped to a first African carrier.

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