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Inexpensive flights: There are 7 tips from experts on online flight bookings They don't need a Master's to find out that Thursday before a long week-end and Sunday evening is the most costly one. Did you know that even the date you make an online reservation can influence the outcome of your vacation? Demi Kavaratzis, Expedia's Tourism and Public Works Department General Counsel, says Saturday is the best time to book flights from Australia. Below are some more things to consider when looking for flights online. "Air fares can be much more costly on flights to major global destinations, mostly due to tax and capacity," says David Galt, Webjet's Australia and New Zealand County Executive.

Instead, consider a smaller aerodrome like Amsterdam instead of London. You' ll probably be saving yourself several hundred bucks on your trip, covering more than the cost of crossing the canal by train or ship. If you recharge your notebook with sophisticated cookie, your trip pages can record that you have already paid a visit and increase their rates, now that they know you're serious about it.

To go to an air carrier and demand that they keep their "price match" promise may sound like a great deal of cumbersome bureaucracy, but if you don't ask, you won't get it. If you find a less expensive ticket, it will be 10 percent better. Michael Ginsburg of the money-saving blogs Spendinghacker says Michael Ginsburg says Airport Centre also provides a great way to cut costs before you take off by hitting every ticket you find for $1 and foregoing the normal charge on your bank account.

However, if you're planning to dress up your hag and go to a museum, or to sit comfortably over an open fire, the cheapest, drier winters might be a better one. The times when reserving an arrival and departure with the same carrier was the uncontested way to conserve money are over.

"When you fly in Australia, Fiji or New Zealand, you can often make even more savings by choosing an air carrier on your departure and another on your return," says David Galt of Webjet. Paying for your payment by bank transfer or bank transfer is one of the most insidious expenses that can be incurred when airlines' and airlines' reservations offices come in at the end of the day and leave you surprised by the high end prices.

Meanwhile, most of us know about the always enticing aggregate pages such as Skyscanner or I Know The Pilot, which apparently provide year-round low rates. What you may not know is that they are sometimes best used as a research resource rather than an excellent place to make your booking, says Michael Ginsburg of Spendhacker.

Instead, consider using them as a way to identify the cheapest fare to your destination and then go to the airline's website to see if direct reservation will save you on overheads.

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