Gulfstream G650 Price

The Gulfstream G650 Price

The 65 million dollar price tag doesn't seem to affect the fascination for this incredible aircraft. What does it cost to buy a Gulfstream G650? Airplane, aircraft type, condition - vintage symbol - price, serial number Gulfstream G550 - Jet'Gulfstream'G550. MD, 2017, Call for price, 5556. Gulfstream's 18-person jet has a range of 6001-7000 nm.

The Gulfstream G650 | Business Jet Travelers

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The Gulfstream G650 Charter Aircraft

Gulfstream G650 is in a league of its own, it is the latest twin-engine corporate aeroplane from Gulfstream Aerospace. Hire a Gulfstream G650 Privatjet: Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation is an US affiliate of General Dynamics. It designs, develops and manufactures a broad spectrum of jets.

Since 1958, Gulfstream has manufactured more than 2,000 airplanes. Obviously, today's demanding customer base of the world's most powerful corporate jets is looking for outstanding performances, from low cab heights to outstanding climb capabilities. The Gulfstream engineering team has worked with several industry associations to develop the airplane that sets the standards for corporate aviation.

G650 is the company's biggest and quickest corporate jets with a top velocity of Mach 0.925 compared to the G550's previous model with a top velocity of Mach 0.885. The Gulfstream Group has been committed to improving efficiency in all areas of aviation operations. The G650's long, unobstructed blades re-define how aerosols flow over the blade of an airplane, and create a high-efficiency profile that offers velocity and an unbelievably gentle drive.

Its 2.59 metre cab, one of the biggest in its category, creates a pleasant atmosphere for all travellers. G650 has sixteen large panorama window panels, each measuring 28 x 20.5 inches/71 x 52 inches, and lets light into the cab, even in the kitchen. In addition to its high power and luxury interior, Gulfstream is further advancing the G650's technological advancement by adding a computer-controlled, high-redundancy fly-by-wire flying system, which allows pilot-operated or fully automatically recorded minutes settings for smooth flying and increased occupant comforts.

If you would like more information about renting a Gulfstream G650, please calculate your fare below or call us at 1 (877) 281 3051.

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