Tokyo Taxi

Tokio Taxi offers an airport pick-up taxi managed by Hinomaru Limousine Inc. We support your journey by driving you from the airport to your destination. There are taxis all over Tokyo and they are very easy to catch. In Tokyo, it can be convenient to take a taxi, but it should be remembered that they are quite expensive.

What does a taxi cost in Tokyo, Japan? Japonese Taxis: find information about travelling by taxi in Tokyo and the rest of Japan, taxi fares, directions and where to find a taxi in Japan.

Flughafen Limousinenservice Booking Office

Our services will accompany you from the aerodrome to your accommodation. With us, you don't have to concern yourself about the linguistic barriers. Communication is in your mother tongue. There is no need to be worried that you will be overcharged, even if you travel long distances. The price is on a flat price base.

Pride run by Hinomaru Limousine Corporation. Our focus is on security and trustful relations between our customers.

Getting to a taxi in Tokyo

Though Tokyo's taxi is not as famous as London's dark taxi or New York's bright orange engines, they are still easily recognizable - and you never have to spend more than a moment waiting to see one head for you.... Call a taxi by wave your hands off the pavement and the chauffeur will drive up next to you, the doors will open for you.

Since not all of our chauffeurs speak English fluently, we suggest that you make a note of the street you are visiting in advance in Japanese. It is also useful to have a fixed line number for the target, as most cabs are fitted with a built-in satellite navigation system (GPS) that can pinpoint a location by number.

As soon as you have arrived at your goal, you can alarm the rider by saying 'Koko desu' ('It is here'). Taxi's accepts both debit and debit and some also Suica and Pasmo debit and debit card (just make sure they are loaded in advance). In the end, you don't have to bother closing the doors after getting out of the vehicle - the operator will shut them for you.

Ticket prices within the 23 stations in Tokyo begin at 410 for the first 1,052 kilometers and then taxi at a speed of 80 for every 237 meters. Please be aware that taxi cabs can usually only accommodate up to four people and that there is a supplement of up to 20 per cent at nights, usually between 22:00 and 5:00.

Practical applications that make ordering a taxi quicker and simpler.... ... One of the most widely used imaging applications in Japan, Line Taxi operates as a stand-alone function that is integrated into the Messager. Line-Taxi has teamed up with Nihon Kotsu, Japan's biggest taxi operator, whose more than 3,000 cabs are available to collect you.

However, the only drawback is that line pay is used, which means that the user must have both a telephone number and a major bank account. First download Line and then call the taxi from there.

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