Helicopter Charter Cost per Hour

Hubschrauber charter costs per hour

For more than thirty years we have been offering high-quality helicopter charter services in various models. There may be a minimum of three flight hours per day. Chopper flights will find all operators relevant to the mission. Guaranteed availability at lower hourly costs for our customers.

Hubschrauberdienste | Aspen Hubschrauber

For more than thirty years we have been offering high-quality helicopter charter service in various types. Each of our choppers is serviced to the highest industrial standard and is fitted with the latest and most up-to-date security equipment, which includes GPS automatic positioning equipment. There may be a daily limit of a three hour flying time.

The availability period of aircraft/crew is calculated at 10% of the flying instalment per member of the team. Day rentals for nights are calculated according to the locality scheme, which can be consulted via the state GSA care gateway. Ask for the actual petrol supplement (if available), day minima and contractual instalments. Call us at 805-985-5416 and we will help you organise your next charter!

Ad hoc fee is $3,650 per flying hour. Contractual, day and overtime charges are available.

On-Demand Charter & HeliCard

As we have a large northeast charter base, we can offer charter flights in a very short time. One of the biggest fleets on the East Coast, we are the only operator offering the Leonardo AW139 for charter. The HeliCard? website is an appealing opportunity for those who travel a lot.

Customers benefit from our guarantee of reduced hourly uptime. We no longer bill you for your guarantee of uptime, but rather help you safe your cash - just because you are our customer and we want to thank you for your work. At HeliCard? you buy a number of lessons based on your use.

If you need the HeliCard programme. Warranted. We take good care of everything for you - from the cockpit driver and service technician to the hanger room and even your own security. All you have to do is call us when you're done. Offering size advantages that help cut piloting and service cost.

We' re the only option for airplane control because that's what we do. The Supplemental Lift Program provides full helicopter coverage for our whole flight crew without the need for the funding of conventional programmes. Provide multiple helicopter loops in our elite helicopter range. The owner receives all the advantages of a helicopter but pays only part of the maintenance.

Besides the first purchase for partial property, there is a one-month administration charge and an engaged hoursale.

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