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The kayak has an option for multi-stop trips, but most others do not. Can I book a flight on American Express Travel Online? Vamo: specialized in the optimization of multi-destination trips with the most tricks over the built-in tricks. Find out why search and book FAQs online. May I book a Multi Stop flight?

Multi-stop tour within New Zealand

There are two ways to find and create your route, and you have the option of how to begin setting up your multinational multi-stop journey. This is the right one for you if you are a multi-stop first-timer and would like to know your stop-over option. If you are a regular traveler and know which Air New Zealand and our airline partners operate and which stopovers are available, make up your own travel arrangements.

To book routes that include several flights within New Zealand, book a New Zealand multi-stop itinerary. A few hints on how to find flights with Air New Zealand and our partners: In case what you have ordered is not available online, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Search & Book FAQ Online

Request a ticket... Yes, you can make a reservation for another individual even if you are not traveling with them. Refresh this section in the Traveller Details section of the Review page when making a reservation with the name of the individual who is going to travel. Choose this checkbox when searching and as long as the destination is in the checklist, we will look for the best offers for these round-trip flights for you.

Babies can never go alone. New Zealand home airline companies no longer provide meal services on home flights. A number of airline companies provide a full meal plan, others provide drinks and snacks for sale. House of Travel does not need your personal identity for flights to and from Australia, the South Pacific and within New Zealand.

If you are travelling to other countries, we will ask you for your personal data when you make your reservation. All foreign trips require a current ID card to clear airports and border controls. For flights within New Zealand a photograph identification is sufficient. Our clients are our most loved ones and we would be delighted to have you as our new client, whether you choose to make your trip online, over the telephone or in one of our stores.

As a rule, carriers only release their flight plans 11 month in advance, and as we link to airlines' reservations system and web sites, we cannot make reservations more than 11 month in advanced. In order to make these reservations, we will provide your flight details and we will direct your enquiry to the carrier so that we can make sure that your needs are met and the best fares are available to you for your conditions and needs.

Our quest has been conceived so that we can offer you the best possible rates for your trip requirements. In order to display the rates for your selected classes on the results page, please select "To" and "From" from the drop-down list, the "Business/First" item, after choosing the trip data and destination in the above boxes.

The best three round trip flights (and all one-way flights) matching your query will be displayed in the best order. Our real ticket rates are shown at these rates, so sometimes the cheapest rate on a particular trip is not available due to customer request. We' ll show you the best offers and show you all the airline choices so you can choose and combine your preferred schedules, tariffs and carriers.

In some cases, a particular tariff is only available if it is combined with a roundtrip fare from the same carrier (which means that you only choose certain pairs on a round trip), but in many cases the best offer is to use two different carriers. Up to 11 month in advanced you can reserve a plane.

Tariffs displayed by us are the best air rates available on that date. It is possible that the selling price for the data you have chosen is out of stock, so you may need to modify the data in your query. Yes, as long as the trip you are looking for comes from a New Zealand base.

Telephone reservations are slightly more than the self-service rate you can find online. In case you do not want to make an online reservation, we will be pleased to help you make a reservation at a call center rate - please call us at 0800 367 468.

Internet tariffs: tariffs available on the Internet. Flexibariffs: Tariffs that are pricing sensitive and data related to changes. These are tariffs that are only available to us. The GST information and a summary of the overall tariff can be found on the route that will be sent to you by e-mail.

Since we use a real-time reservations data base, availabilities may vary between performing a query and making a reservations or purchasing a tickets. Please fill in these together with your traveler data when you book.

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