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The best flight deals for October 2018: California, India & More Octobre is a great months to visit for a whole range of occasions, but in regards to your budgets, remember: Whilst the Hurricane seasons are coming to an end, there are still many discounts on air tickets to towns threatened by hurricanes. Which are the best deals in the industry? In order to find out, we turn once again to one of the best trip applications, Hopper.

Over the years, Hopper has collected information from million flight movements and forecast which top foreign and U.S. cities will receive the strongest rebates in October. Beginning with our inland routes, there has never been a better moment to travel to Puerto Rico, and Puerto Rico offers 35% cheaper fares this months.

We are just above the one-year brand for Hurricane Maria, and while many on the Isle are still battling with recreation, the San Juan industrial estates are open to doing businesses and welcoming your tourist. It' like a target that probably needs even more - the US Virgin Islands (28% discount) - where the locals could resolutely restore some of the breathtaking views of the caribbean and make it a little quicker by spending a few dollars on a few groceries and rums.

Hurricane Thanksgiving is October 25th in the USVI, which is another good excuse why we declared it one of the best destinations in October. Asheville, North Carolina will receive just under $200 (36% discount). One of the longest and liveliest deciduous periods here, so the train is here to hide out in the Pisgah National Forest and stay in this country, paid hippy retro - whatever you wish.

Explore Asheville's reports confirm that the leaves were not affected by the recent storm - if you're looking for a way to help the people of North Carolina who are affected by Florence during their free times, you can use Asheville as a jump-off point. Internationally, you can extend the mood of your holiday and go to Bali ($655, minus 22%), without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in Southeast Asia.

You can also go to Amsterdam ($570, minus 29%) and see for yourself why the Netherlands are such lovely buttholes! It' s Northern Lights now ( at least now is the best period to see them), which means that Reykjavik is a must ($367, minus 21%). Probably you knew that this was a great period because all your boyfriends were leaving, or else they were.

In order to receive these prizes, you can choose the destination you are interested in and upload your favourite appointments. When Hopper sends you alerts when the price of your perfect flight drops to the minimum, i.e. when the timing is right for you. When this is just too simple and you don't know what to do with all the additional amount of free air travel that you have now, here are some other pages that will help you saving your flight moneys.

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