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Private-Jet Flights & Prices for Chicago and Washington DC Privately chartered jets between Chicago and Washington DC are quite usual. Recreational or corporate air travel, many cross this path in a private jet. So how much does it take to travel in a private jet between Chicago and DC? Below are three samples of private jet prices where you can make savings, buy or show off.

The Hawker 800XP is a blend of convenience, cab interior space and cruising distance that makes it one of the most sought -after mid-size corporate aircraft. Falcon 2000 is a Dassault favourite commercial jet, with a trans-continental reach and a convenient cab. Chicago's most favorite private jet aerodromes are: Washington Ronal Reagan National is the nearest Washington DC downtown international airfield.

Empty legs on a private jet can give you massive rebates if your timetable is flexibel. Private fares between Chicago and Washington DC (or any other shuttles route) are available by contacting us or calling our 24/7 flight team at (866) 726-1222. Appraised fares refer to the whole aeroplane.

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Our 40,000 sq.m. complex at DuPage Airport in West Chicago, IL, is private, convenient and occupied by skilled specialists with a distinctive mindset. You can download the flyer with the fleet in Chicago. That means that our talented staff can cope with anything from single-piston planes to large company jet cabins.

Yes, the hum you've been hearing is true...our Hawker Jet servicing and inspections are second to none in this area. Our private jet fleet offers private jet ownership managers who want all the advantages of a private jet without all the hassle associated with flight instruction, servicing, documentation and other important day-to-day tasks.

If you are just on the private jet or even co-owned property markets, we can help. First of all, we help you select the best airplane for your needs. Preliminary inspections, negotiations of prices and even deliveries are offered. Call us at 630-513-2222 or fill out the enquiry sheet to get your private jet consultancy or further information about our service.

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