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Design Business Jet

This project aims to design and develop a heavy business jet that can cover a wide range of customers. Toulouse, France & Shanghai, China.


The development and production of a business jet is a cooperation between multi-disciplinary team. This begins with our industry creators, who deliver the on-board client experiences using the latest architectural and automobile design insights as a source of design input, as well as furnishing and material design. Together with our clients, we decide from there how they use their airplane, what kind of styling they have and what kind of atmosphere they want to generate on board.

It will help you to define the lay-out, the choice of material and a color scheme to customize your plane. They will recognise their work by the extraordinary qualities you will experience in your airplane.

Examination and outlook on the design of ultrasonic business aircraft

It addresses the environment questions and design challenge for business jet aeroplanes (SSBJs). Global interest in the development of an ecologically sound, commercially sustainable and technically achievable ultrasonic transportation plane has increased again. An historic survey shows that the SSBJ will be the first of its kind for the next generations of ultrasonic planes.

The SSBJ itself will probably gain further shares of the high-end segment in the near term. The attenuation of the sound booms and the improvement of flying performance are the most demanding characteristics of civilian ultrasonic traffic. Questions and problems related to this aeroplane model will be addressed and methods for SSBJ design will be developed.

Because of the closely related problems, a multi-disciplinary design, analytics and optimisation framework is considered to be the key to developing a Low-Boom Low-Drag ultrasonic jet. Industry and academia organisations have an interest in this kind of vehicles are presented. Hopefully your investment in the SSBJ design will soon enable civilian ultrasonic transportation again.

See how new business jet design inspires premium staterooms valued for their price.

Announcing that its latest business aircraft, the ACJ320neo, has been installed, Airbus is waiting for its maiden voyage in the next few weeks before setting off for the AMAC completions center in Basel, Switzerland, where it will be equipped with a new Alberto Pinto design aircraft chosen by the owner: the luxurious Acropolis Aviation charters.

Its design differs from the initial renders of the Airbus-designed ACJ Harmony cab, which is slightly more space-saving. However, both styles open up the cab with gently rolling bends. They are both made of high-quality material and each has an unmistakable charme. Alberto Pinto's design building was also chosen by Boeing to provide the basic cab design for the new Boeing 737 BBJ, which premiered at Farnborough this year.

Enriched with tonal shades of earthiness, this proposed cab is an inviting, unpretentious room with a contemporary warmth. The very wealthy individual (HNWI) flying these planes - whether business or personal - should find the jet stateroom comfortable and in tune with their lifestyle on the floor.

An equilibrium should be struck between function and recreation, providing space for business encounters, amusement and good food, as well as peace and quiet and personal grooming. A reason why HNWI's preferred option for privately operated jets is that they can ensure invisibility and discretion by flying to where they need to be without having to deal with bulk air traffic or foreigners on the plane.

Whilst the material and surface, the furniture and the electronic should be of very high standard, they do not need to be conspicuous or flashy. In HNWI's opinion, the qualities and rarities of material, finish and finish are often more attractive than logo or gold-plated finish. However, having to fly privately or own a plane is not everyone's cup of tea or suited for every journey.

Some very wealthy people may not want the responsibilities and cost of ownership of an airplane, or may have to travel on a route where business carriers have the edge. If they are flying commercially, they are first-class clients - but they need first-class services that offer more. Etihad's The Residence was created with these travellers in view, as were the latest First class Emirates and Singapore Airline First classes passenger accommodations.

In fact, all three of Emirates' staterooms could make this aspiration, but it' s not surprising that the company is marketing its stateroom as closely as possible to your own personal jet. The aircraft are distinguished by high grade material and workmanship, as well as convenience and state-of-the-art electronic and entertaining features that meet the standards of tailor-made business aircraft.

Provide a comfortable setting for wealthy travelers with convenient travel to and from the airports and a smooth passenger flow through the air terminals to a comfortable home lounges. Using Luxury Economics, which meet yesterday's Business class requirements and Business classes, which meet or exceed yesterday's First classes, some have claimed that the number of First classes is counting.

There is a need for first-class jet services that raise the standard on the market and on journeys that meet the needs of the very wealthy. To what extent will the Emirates First Classic Suites change the way we play?

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