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Overview of fractionated aircraft If you buy a Fractional Jet Shares, you pay for co-ownership of a particular airplane. You' ll be given a certain amount of airfare. As a rule, this is between 50 and 400 flying times per year. How many lessons you have will depend on the stock's price.

Since most fractional jet operators have entire fleet of airplanes, it is unlikely that you will use "your" airplane on each flight. To have an empty aeroplane on the runway would lead to an increased cost, which would eventually be passed on to the owner. By the end of the programme period (usually five years), the owner usually sells its share in the airplane back to the operator.

However, this definitive selling prices is determined by the market prices for the aeroplane. Fractional airlines provide Fractional Airport Property and there is a wide range of aircrafts to select from. They can buy a stake in lightweight jet, through heavier jet and some corporations sell stocks of turbo props and helidecks.

There are two most important things to consider when choosing the right airplane for your needs, namely your seating capacities and your cruising distance. Simply put, the taller the airplane, the greater the seating and the longer the cruising distance, the higher your cost. As a rule, the operational life of a broken airplane is 800 hrs per year, i.e. the operator expects the airplane to fly 800 hrs per year.

Usually the smallest part is 1/16th, which corresponds to 50 flight/year. And the other co-ownership shares are: If you often need planes of different sizes - e.g. for a mixture of large groups, small groups, long journeys, brief journeys - a shared may not be the right one.

Apart from the fact that many break programmes allow you to use a bigger or smaller plane if it has different airplanes in its fleets. Purchasing a stock is usually a 5-year obligation, sometimes with less time available, so if you anticipate that your trip will need to change significantly over this time, it may be wise to look at the other stock purchase opportunities.

Fractional jet owning expenses can be divided into four main headings. Starting principal charge or purchase price, which may vary depending on the aircraft model and amount of shares you purchase. $275,000 for the 16th. Estimated amount of the aircraft storage charge, including the pilot's pay, insurances, maintenance charges and the aircraft storage in a hanger.

Acquisition cost can range from a few hundred thousand US dollar for a 1/16th part of a small jet to several million US dollar for a 1/4 part of a large one. Cost is divided linearly so that 1/8 is twice as much as 2 1/16's, without rebate for the purchase of bigger stocks.

If you are looking for some special prices, please see this review about the fractional Phenom 300 property. Overall cost over a 5 year average life is likely to be well over $1 million for a lightweight jet. If you buy a fractional stock, there are usually four papers that you will sign:

Browse this section to get an idea of the contractual documentation for fractional aircrafts. We have several options for fractional jet ownership:

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