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Mulit City stop

Free international stopovers with these airlines A free journey to an exciting city is a great perspective for those traveling for adventure. Intermediate stops - connecting more than 24 hour trips - offer a clever way to do just that by giving travellers two holidays for the fare of one. A number of airline companies offer offers that allow travellers to spend a few nights at no additional charge in their hubs before continuing on to their destinations.

There are some incumbent services that the carrier expressly encourages, such as the mid-Atlantic stops from Icelandair in Reykjavik. Other airlines demand a little more skill and trade before you can take full advantage of their policies, such as Japan Airlines offering free stops in Tokyo and Osaka. Iceland lies in the North-Atlantic and is Europe's most westerly land, ideal for a stop between the United States or Canada and Europe.

Icelandair, the country's flagship airline, has a set policies that allow its travellers to take full benefit of this cheap location by providing free stops of up to seven night stops in its capital, Reykjavik. For those who have one full stop in Dubai, a dizzying oil-filled city in the UAE, where the world's highest structure, the Burj Khalifa, is currently located, UAE's Abu Dhabi Airport provides a ready stop for those who have one full stop in Dubai.

Intermediate stop is not completely free, but can be up to $62; it involves an overnight stay in a hostel, a tourist permit and help to and from the airports. In order to make a booking, first buy your ticket and then get in touch with a tourist agency or your local branch in the Emirates to arrange the intermediate stop yourself.

Are you looking for a flight to Dubai? Japan Airlines customers have the right to free stops in Tokyo or Osaka, although they may have to do some rework to take part. Using the website's comfortable "make stopover" tools alone tends to result in slightly higher fares than for round trip bookings on the same itinerary.

The website's tariff terms, however, indicate that up to two free stops are allowed for almost all ticketing categories. Use the website to put together two price options: one for a round tour and one for the same journey with a stop in Tokyo or Osaka. Please directly address the carrier to get the intermediate stop tickets down to the lower price stage.

Travellers should not have such disputes with Singapore Airlines, whose free Singapore Airlines service (apparently) works as seamlessly and easily as Icelandair's service. With the Multi-City Options, just make your reservation and the indicated fare will be the same as if you had made a simple round tour.

Should you have any problems, just get in touch with the carrier directly and they will be glad to help you put together a route that will include a freestop. Emirates also provides an Emirates-style stop-over service, complete with hotels and transfer, starting at just $43 per overnight stay, so you can wander the city and try the iconic sidewalk meal.

The FinnAir is an ambitious carrier serving as a gateway to the Far East, offering particularly good cover for transit Atlantic services between the United States and Western and Middle Europe. They have added stops to their visions in order to attract new clients and are offering one free stop per trip at the Helsinki Downtown and a second stop for $100.

Just call them to talk about your journey and see what they have to offer. What do they have to do? You are looking for a flight to Helsinki? Thai Airways has taken the chance in a win-win scenario for businesses and consumers to lure passengers to their destinations by providing free stops in the city.

Package designed for travellers travelling to or from Australia: No matter whether you fly from Oz to Europe or Asia or vice versa, the carrier provides a free intermediate stop in Bangkok. It' s a lot, and the site has an easily usable intermediate stop reservation engine that helps you get the most out of it.

Although by no means free, Air China has recently launched an attractive service for travelers travelling through Beijing or Shanghai: the possibility of visa-free stops. It is not the most permissive of the stop-over schemes, and the message has a pretty daunting array of punishments because it has violated its many rules on visa-free travel.

Please contact Air China's worldwide ticket office to make a short stop. In an effort to make it easier for travellers to stop in their hubs city of Abu Dhabi, another burning city in the United Arab Emirates surrounded by deserts, today announced Etihad's intention to make a stop in Abu Dhabi. Just order your ticket with the Multi-City/Stopp-Tool.

There is no guarantee of free stops, but on many itineraries it is not hard to find a flight that costs slightly more than the return journey. Intermediate stops can last between two and four nights and involve a "free first night" at the chosen accommodation and a 2:1 deal on a range of Abu Dhabi's high-tech landmarks.

There are a number of packs offering different topics ranging from gulf and swimming pools to luxurious first rate adventures. Obviously Turkish Airlines is an abnormality on this shortlist as it does not provide special stops. However, with its hubs city of Istanbul, located at the intersection of Europe and Asia, it's an excellent carrier to show that there doesn't have to be a special guideline for stops to work; just choose the multiple city lookup and enter your data.

Often you will find that a two or three days visit does not make the journey more costly than just to fly directly. An uncomplicated return journey between Washington D.C. and Beijing, for example, which leaves D.C. at the end of September and returns in mid-October, will cost 1,444 dollars. When you decide to spend the first few October Nights in Istanbul before continuing on to Beijing, the cost of your journey will increase by $9... Just $9 to enjoy a whole new cultural side of the same itinerary?

Are you looking for air travel to Istanbul? Nowadays, just about every air carrier has a multi-city searching engine on its website, and with a little bit of experimenting, fearless travellers can put two or three-day stops on their itinerary without increasing the costs of their ticket. Luckily, the decision to take a connection instead of a one-way ticket may even be less expensive.

No matter if you want to make a stop or not, we are betting that you will want to make some savings on your trip. We monitor your flights and notify you when the fare changes. We will also tell you if you should make a reservation now or if you should be waiting for a better one.

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