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Irrespective of speed and purpose, anyone can take a turn around the globe. Choose some personal highlights and put the rest of your itinerary around them. Begin planning your trip around the world now. Every single detail of my one-year trip around the world has been documented with great care. A limited number of organized overland trips are available around the world.

World Tour - Redeem Meilen

Schedule a trip around the world, grab your pockets and embark on an adventurous journey. Begin your world tour now. Pick from 1330 possible locations in 192 different counties and begin to dream! Your chosen journey may only be in one destination, east or west, and must end in the land where the journey began.

A round-the-world air travel pass is issued for 12 month from the date of issuance and the last air travel must commence no later than the last date of expiry. They can make your trip over a min. of 10 nights and a max. of 12 month with up to 10 stages and 6 stops in each town.

There are two ways to make your world trip reservation: What do you need how many leagues to circle the world? In order to make your reservations with mileage, the mileage must be transformed into an award ticket. Reservations must be made through Star Alliance if you do not wish to use your mileage.

I' m making my $60,000 trip around the world in Emirates First Class for $300.

Only a few seconds later my tickets to Melbourne were given to me. At last I got my gold tickets and was about to begin the greatest flight adventure of my Iife. Unrestricted Dom Perignon, unrestricted sea breezes and a hot and cold bath in the open fire - no wonder that the Emirates First Class Suite is repeatedly voted one of the best aircraft seating in the world.

Ticketed fares can go up to $20,000 for the round trip - an astronomic amount I wouldn't even pay for a plane ride in my dreams. However, in early 2015, the flying god smiles at me and grants me the craziest ever worldwide ticket: a $60,000 Emirates First Class fare that would take me to 11 towns, 7 nations and 5 continences... all for $300!

What did I do to make such a booking? I was able to travel through several different holes to get an Emirates First-class Miles Ticket that would take me from Singapore to Australia, Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and back. Updated: As of March 31, 2016, Alaska Airlines has significantly raised the number of mileage points for Emirates First class flights.

I' ve traveled with the First Class seat of other carriers before, but the Emirates First Class Suites have something about them that only screams decade. to the Emirates First Class check-in desk, which was empty. Then we went on to the First Class Lounge, run by Qantas, an Emirates carrier.

So I went to the Qantas First Class Lounge. and said, "Welcome, Mr. Huang," with a big Aussie-smiling. Wednesday was a Wednesday, but on weekdays it' s no big deal to drink when you fly first class. At Emirates, we make sure that the seasonal menu changes so that the customers of jet-setters are never tired.

Since I knew that I would soon have a banquet on my next plane, I decided to order plain cereals. When I was sitting and drinking bubbly, I was impressed by the stillness and void of the lounges. The maximum number of persons using this lounges was ten. Inside the messy boundaries of the hub, the lounges offered a place where you could really unwind and really felt like you were not at an aerodrome.

Following a short breakfasts I chose to get a topping up of bubbly and sat on one of the many roomy sofas around the lounges. When I made myself at home, the LOGO WITHOUT WORK came over with my hand luggage and placed it next to me without me even asking. After thanking the airport assistants for their excellent services, I made my way to the "king of all aircraft", the Airbus A380.

After leaving the lounges I went down the stairs to the frontdoor area. Well, welcome back to the world, as I thought. When I asked an Emirates agent if the plane hadn't flown yet. They took a look at my passport and said that since I was in first grade, I should go into the living room.

Answering, I thought it was already boarding and that I had just vacated the lounges. There was a female stewardess who welcomed me and accompanied me to my place. WOW was my first glimpse of the First Class Suite. They see the images on-line, but only when you actually sat down do you realise how exaggerated the suite really is.

When I was fooling around, the stewardess saw me with her chair and asked if I wanted a photo. My stewardess then gave me a cup of tea and an appointment, followed by a refreshingly warm hand towel. That' s why I was so happy. Every plane had a companion and purse from different nations. I' ve never seen a woman emirati stewardess before.

Émirates is a truly cosmopolitan carrier. As the A380 is the world' s biggest airliner, I was expecting a big yell from its four jet units, but the jet units hardly muttered. Suppose for a 3-hour ride, it was a total upset. My place was furnished by the cabin crew in a small eating area, completely with tablecloth and porcelain.

I played around with my suites after having eaten my morning meal. Emirates Suite's best part is the automatic doorframe. In order to open or lock the suites entrance gates, just press a knob and the entrance gates will open or closed. Knowing that I still had many Emirates planes to fly to discover every facet of the location, I just chose to relish the occasion and have more Dom Perignon.

Then after a short gulp I asked the stewardess if I could take part in the highlights of every Emirates A380 First Class experience: the on-board showers. It was the coolest conversation for everyone around the world when it hit the market. It was a pleasure for my ear when the stewardess came by and said, "Mr. Huang, your showers are finished.

" When I followed the companion forward, she asked me if I had ever taken a bath in an airplane. Then she took me to the showers and showed me all the functions. First thing you realize about the bath is that it's big. It' wall covering the whole Dubai skyline, and because this is Emirates, the resort has a hot bottom to make sure your millions of dollars of foot are beautiful and comfortable.

It also has a giant liquid crystal display (LCD) that tells you where you are while you take a bath. There is a 2-minute timeout on the front of the bathroom, which you can see on the beams of the lighting, but you can remain in the bathroom as long as you like.

I got trapped in a bus three years ago and hated to fly, and now I was showering for almost nothing in the skies at 40,000 ft. As I was a completely mile-high newcomer to showering, I greatly discounted the amount of showering I would take. Until I knew it, the showers would stop (the showers would stop sprinkling 25% so you know you don't have much water) and I had to stop quickly washing before the tap ran out!

As soon as I withdrew back into my clothing and set off, the showers asked me what my showers were like (yes, they have a real showering power to keep an eye on the shower). Godiva pralines were presented to me, and I asked for another jar of Hennessy Paradis to take my first bath.

A " Quick Train Passport " was made available to me, which enables First and Business Line travellers to use a seperate line for migrants. Auckland and I thanks the team for a great trip. It was a first rate experience and the V.I.P. care I got from all the employees, from the floor operatives to the cabin crews.

And the first showers were the opening of the eyes and definitely no gimmicks. It was by far the best trip I have ever made and it sets a high standard for the remainder of my Emirates First Class outings.

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