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Contact details and fleet of the aircraft operator for JET-A,_LLC. Bomb shooter. Specialized. Bomb shooter. Privately owned jet charter and airplane managment.

Charter. Provide charter solution for any kind of airplane, anywhere. Leadership. decade-long know-how that offers a financial foreseeable property. We have acquired our know-how through tens of millions of flying lessons, tens of millions of maintenance checks, parts procurement and several airplane purchases and disposals. We offer a wide range of charter, manage, maintenance and acquisition options.

Bomb shooter specializes. In this way, operators can benefit from the fiscal advantages of fixed assets depreciations. M&A. We are experienced in smaller scale business, which includes bridging credits for servicing and aviation equipment purchase, as well as multi-million dollar business for new or used jet acquisition. Ron is not only an experienced air carrier who logs over 10,000 flying lessons, but his real skill lies in navigation as well, in inspecting airplanes in operation, in making acquisition and in ensuring adherence to regulations by airplanes. With a long-standing commitment to making owning airplanes a pleasant and enjoyable business environment, Ron has successfully engineered an industry-leading solution that enables property holders to maintain control and improve access that has never been seen before in our sector.

Jeff is the practical professional you want to support in monitoring your aeronautical activities, from his Challenger and Boeing professional pilots assessments to his appointment as Director of Maintenance for Madison Square Gardens and Weapons Systems Controller for the US Air Force. The treatment of airplanes as his own and the trustee liability for the owner of these airplanes.

As a series contractor in the biomedical and aviation industries, Bob has flew over 60 different types of civil and military airplanes.

Chartering or not chartering your jet - that is the issue.

Hiring your jet when you don't need it can look like a captive offer. Jet charter is not for everyone, and it is not without its dangers. "We always ask when folks come to us to buy a plane and say they want to make it available for charter, why," said Kevin O'Leary, chairman of Jet Advisors, an airline acquisitions and broking company in Broomfield, Colo.

Often, he added, the shipowners have a bloated notion of the gains that the charter will generate. "Certain administrative societies suggest that your aircraft will make up to a million bucks a year," O'Leary said. In fact, it could be so much brutto, he said, "but after the estate agent charges and the cost of operating, owning, managing, maintaining and insuring it, the property could make only $125,000 of this $1 million net.

" Conclusion: Charter can lower your cost, but it won't even come near to getting them deleted. "If you can't buy, service and run the aircraft yourself, don't rely on charter to make up the difference. However, if you can't buy, service and run the aircraft yourself, don't rely on charter. "Also note that making your aircraft available for charter can significantly lower its re-sale value by accumulating flying time.

Are you still interested in developing the charter business? If so, engage someone with expertise - a brokers or finders - who can lead you through the entire procedure. When you buy an aeroplane that you want to make available for charter, it is better to speak to your creditor. A lot of people will want to review the charter contract, and some will just refuse to grant a credit to purchasers who are planning to charter.

What is the security file of the Umbrella Fund Manager? For charter clients who concentrate on security, security auditing is almost a prerequisite for success in the charter market. The majority of large charter companies have been certified by one or both of the industry's top two security assessors - Wyvern and Aviation Research Group/U. Do I really need a managing corporation?

"Generally, it's not worthwhile chartering alone if you only have one plane," O'Leary said. "It might make perfect business for a person or firm with three or four planes. "Some Part 135 certified airline divisions easily charter their planes through third-party brokerage firms that offer empty seat sales or when the airline does not need the jet.

A number of operators are offering quite appealing figures in terms of charter revenue that a client might be expecting, O'Leary said. Then ask yourself how the charter revenue will be used to pay out the cash - will it go to you in the shape of a cheque or will it just cut the administration charge?

California, for example, will grant a 12-month waiver of selling and usage fees for a new plane operating in the state if it is used more than 50 per cent of the charter period. "Exemptions from an 8.25 per cent [state and local] excise and selling duty are a strong stimulus when you buy a $20 million plane," Hofer said.

Remember that these charter clients do not have the same incentives to take good look at your plane as you do. Operators usually pay the cover for the planes they have available for charter and can usually bargain lower rates - sometimes significantly lower. It is a good suggestion, however, to challenge the scope of cover and whether you would have a say in the scheduling of your plane if it were implicated in an incident.

Brandon Greene, Delta Air Elite's Chief Executive Officer, stressed the importance of the relationship between the operator and the Group. "He said, [Charter] only makes Sense when the relationship makes Sense." "Both we and the customer make our income from how much charter we can put on the planes, and if the deal is too tight, we both loose.

" Some other charterer said: "You ( jet owner ) park the aircraft with us and then place unreasonable restrictions on its use, such as short-term advance notification for your own travel and restrictions on the type of travel and even on the type of person you want to use your aircraft with. Alternatively, they have so many pop-up journeys of their own that charter availabilities are severely restricted.

It must be a bona fide obligation of the charterer to the charterer that the flight will be available for a sensible purpose. "Will charter clients stream to my avian? If it comes to charter, some airplanes are simply more loved than others. Overall, the Gulfstream IV line is probably the most sought after by charter clients with reach, a large cab and brand awareness," he said.

Car interiors can be as important as the mock-up to attract businesses. Entertainments are at the top of the customer's list of requirements, and usually involve DVDs, CD player and even iPod sockets. These characteristics are particularly desired for holiday charter weekends, which are often holiday cruises and often involve children who need to be kept busy.

Businessmen also need a ground/flight telephone, and in a bigger corporate aircraft a fast connection to the world wide web is an advantage. Do my jet and the company fit together well? To have an aircraft that is in great demand by charter clients is not enough to ensure our successful performance. It' probably not a good option, for example, to place your Hawker 800XP with a company that already has half a tens of 800XPs in its shed.

Possibly you will get more charter promotions for your Gulfstream IV if it is conducted with a managerial carrier in a larger Metropolitan Region. However, if the plane sits in Teterboro, N.J., and you are in Waterloo, Iowa, the predicament will provide bad logistic, not to speak of high relocation cost. Even if your aircraft and the charter carrier are located in different towns, there may be problems with FAA operations inspections.

It may not be the best way to make a charter flight at an airfield like the one in Van Nuys, California. where at least a Dozen charter routines are competing. Despite these concerns, the charter is undoubtedly a preferred choice for many corporate jet operators.

While this is an informal number, sector analysts believe that approximately 80 per cent of corporate jets available for charter in the U.S. are not held by the operating company but by other businesses, firms and individual owners.

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