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Five things you need to know about the new LTA taxi rules. While I was a kid, I recall seeing only two major colors of taxis on the street: black and amber. Now there are seven different taxi businesses on the street, all with different flags, which makes everything very upsetting. Following much vociferous applause and feed-back, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has agreed to instruct taxi operators to establish more "structured" and "standardised" tariffs with effect from the second half of 2015.

That means that if you tag a Comfort Hyundai Sonata Taxi color scheme, you are paying $3.20 as the standard price; but tagging a Toyota Wish TransCab color scheme will begin your fare at $3.60. The LTA and the Public Transport Council (PTC) have stated that "the obligation to harmonize can result in higher discount prices for commuters".

The taxi operators had already said that if they had to regulate their prices, they would correct them upwards. Choose your taxi wisely. Aye. Every taxi operator can have only two different fares: one for its regular and one for its luxury cabins. However, in a gruesome turn of events, these installments may vary between different taxi businesses.

That means Comfort can calculate $0.22 for each 400 meters, while Premier Taxis can calculate their rates at $0.21. From now on, the prices for distances for standard driver compartments are fixed in the various enterprises. Bookings are subject to 3 different fees: peaks, off-peak and pre-sales, which apply to both regular and regular fleet bookings.

Even the length of peaks must be standardized across all taxi businesses. That means Comfort cannot have its peaks from 6am to 9am and SMRT cabs from 6am to 10am. A fifth can however be accomodated in bigger cabs for an additional surcharge.

All taxi types must be subject to the same additional fee. Supplements such as midsummer' night supplement, district supplement and top time supplement will all be "harmonised across the industry". That means that no matter which taxi business or taxi type you take, the costs are the same.

We' re betting, however, that the general consensus is that the general population wants only two different prices: one for off-the-shelf and one for luxurious cars.

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