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Searching for used RC planing parts and any other parts. Locate the plane you were looking for. It is the world's biggest private P POA, offering the best flight experience on the West Coast!

It is the world's biggest private P POA, offering the best flight experience on the West Coast! As well as our own workshop, we are also an authorised Cirrus, Cessna and Mooney servicing centre. Offering the best airplane services and a large inventory of plant parts.

Understanding the importance of flight and the airplanes of our clients, it will always be our aim to bring you back into the sky with the highest processing standard.


When we grew up and climbed the ladders, the Lone Mountain crew was truly priceless in relation to the plane type...they help adapt the plane to the missions. But Lone Mountain has worked on our name. Sometimes deals are extremely complicated, especially international to China and elsewhere, so we are very thankful to Mark Rogers and Lone Mountain for this kind of work.

Lone Mountain's help with the King Air acquisition was definitely rewarding. If you have someone to guide you through the trial that took place there and successfully completed it, not only will a great deal of saving your precious resources and resources be saved, but you may also be saved from making a poor one.

At Lone Mountain I spend a great deal of my free Time with them working out what would be best for my money. It took us many long and long long hours to talk about the competition in terms of power, convenience, operating costs and serviceability. Having gone through the Lone Mountain trial, I don't think I could have set up the right guys, done papers and brought a plane for my own inspections.

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The EJM provides comprehensive mediation, acquiring and scheduling capabilities to our operators and other external companies interested in buying new or operating existing aircrafts. EJM is an industrial market leading company with many years of professional expertise and relations to aerospace experts. We have an extended and unique worldwide database of operators, agents, buyers as well as vendors.

The EJM Aviation Distribution and Mediation teams will handle the whole deal for you, providing first time advice, market and promote the airplane and all related sale and close detail. If you need help purchasing or reselling your plane, rely on EJM to carry out every stage of the business with expert knowledge and the highest level of professionality.

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