Renew Taxi Licence Online

Extend your taxi license online

Extend your Hackney fleet or private rental driver's license. Prolongation can only be performed online if you do not require a DBS check, medical check or DVLA check. Renewal of a PLCV driving licence In order to renew your PLCV driver's license, you must stop: Where the Authority has received a number of complains about your level of expertise in the territory in which you will operate during the term of your licence, and these complains are confirmed, the Authority may request that you take and survive the appropriate Territory Level Expertise Test before renewal of your licence.

When you have been condemned (in Ireland or elsewhere) for any of the crimes listed in the Taxi Regulation Act 2013, you are barred from obtaining a PLCV driving licence - in some cases for a lifetime, in others for certain period of years. They are obliged to inform the approval authorities (An Garda Síochána) of any such sentence.

Get a PSV 15/18 extension request from your PSV representative. Fill in the request forms and send them to your Garda PSV Bureau (outside Dublin) or Carriage Bureau (in Dublin) together with the extension request: An Garda Síochána will process your extension request and, if authorised, you will receive in due course a PLCV driver's license, Drivers Indicator and Smartcard.

Any enquiries in connection with your job should be addressed to An Garda Síochána as the approval body. The extension period can last up to 3 month.

Professional approvals | Industrial affairs

Taxi driver professional card (TDVL), coach driver professional card (BDVL) or coach escort professional card is required before you can take a taxi or coach in Singapore or work as a coach escort in a school coach. The professional cards issued by the LTA guarantee that public service vehicle operators and accompanying persons are duly qualified.

Candidates for a professional license must meet the LTA requirement before receiving the license. You must keep adequate record keeping in order to prolong your vocational training.

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