Helicopter from Philadelphia to new York

From Philadelphia to New York by helicopter

Birthplace of the nation is rich in history - much and much history. New Castle Airport in Wilmington Delaware is just a stone's throw away. Deluxe helicopter charter from New York to Philadelphia Imagine: You are in New York and want to amaze your spouse with a brief excursion to Philadelphia. If you want to take a stylish journey and spoil your spouse with impressive air photos of a million sparkling beacons, a helicopter flight is a more scenic and unforgettable means of transport.

Helicopter chartering from New York to Philadelphia takes 45 min, saving you half the travel experience. Chopper charters like New York-based Wings Air can help you organize this enviable voyage. Your helicopter fleets over the northeast of the USA will bring you quickly to Philadelphia, but also to Hamptons or Atlantic City with many fantastic places.

If you fly with Wings Air, you can be sure that you will be living the high lives (literally!). Known for its high-end aircraft (see below), but also for its seasoned drivers, this luxurious cruise ship is a must for all those who want to fly. In addition to high-end helicopter trips, the firm also works with movie studio partners to produce air photos for films such as The Bourne Legacy, Now You See Me and The Planet of the Apes.

Wings Air was established in 2002 by former Javier Diaz, an independent financial investor, and also offers flight hours. The TwinStar Airbus AS355N is a twin-engine lightweight service helicopter that Wings Air has designed as the ultra-luxurious choice for demanding travellers.

This helicopter can carry up to 5 pilots (plus the pilot) with 3 to 4 cases. Featuring a cruising rate of 100 knots and a cruising distance of 265 nm, it is the ideal choice to take a stylish trip. AStar Airbus AS350BA is a lightweight single-engine universal helicopter. The Wings Air has designed it as a luxurious helicopter that can carry up to 6 people ( plus pilot) with 3 to 4 cases.

Like its big sister, the TwinStar Airbus AS355N, the AStar Airbus AS350BA has a cruising velocity of 100 knots and a cruising distance of 265 nm. Robinson R44 Raven II is the entry-level helicopter from Wings Air. Slightly smaller than the two Airbus aircraft, the Raven II can carry up to 3 small baggage carryers at 90 knots and a cruising distance of 215 nm.

Wings Air has much more to have if a Philadelphia trip is not what you are looking for. This helicopter operator has teamed up with several 5-star hotels and services companies in the northeast of the USA to provide its customers with luxurious, exquisite holidays. Our wealth of expertise is continually expanding and currently encompasses privately owned fly fishermen tours in Vermont, racing cars in the Monticello Motor Club in the New York hinterland, and the ultimate offering adventure in the Tuscan-inspired Glenmere Mansion.

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