Used Commercial Jets for Sale

To sell used commercial aircraft

Airplanes for sale or rent. Industry-wide weakness in the private jet business increases pressure on Bombardier, which is also struggling to sell its C-Series commercial aircraft. If it'?s time for planes to retire. Airliners have a limited service life.

Used business aircraft unit revenue up 5.6%, its lowest level in nine years.

Used corporate aircraft sales increased by 5.6% in the first six month of 2017 versus the prior year, even though the aircraft require an additional 12 selling day on aggregate than in the prior year, according to JetNet's marketing information.... By June, the rate of corporate aircraft fleets in the marked, 10.8%, is the lowest in more than nine years since the beginning of the last recession, said JetNet.

In the meantime, commercial turboprops have decreased by 11.1%, despite the fact that they have been.... "Used corporate jet aircraft sold up 5.6%, lowest in nine years" is part of our BCA Life Insurance Plan. Latest issue of our newsletter Geschäfts & Commercial Aviation: Free on-line subscriptions are now available.

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You should be identified as the airplane proprietor, operating company or lessor.

You should be identified as the airplane proprietor, operating company or lessor. Present a General Terms and Conditions for Customer Care Activities (CSGTA) and its Supplementary Agreements: to make certain documentation available to you free of cost if the CSGTA and its amendments are subscribed and an appropriate policy is taken out. Aeroplane owners/operators and third parties have a particular need for OEM product and OEM customer care as they serve the aerospace and defense industries.

Commentary from industries has assisted us in establishing a series of intellectual property license agreements that meet unique needs and create a level playing field for the use of information generated. Respond more quickly to customer inquiries for product and service offerings. CSGTA's product and service coverage includes the rental of parts and tooling, the procurement of parts and standardization, changes to upgrade kits, repairs, modifications, engineering support and advice, educational support and engineering specifications.

There are two additional arrangements associated with the CSGTA. CSGTA for Electronic Enabling (SA-eE) Additional Agreement contains items specifically related to licensed products. In order to request a Part 125 AFM, you must submit certain documentation such as the Maintenance Planning Document (MPD), the Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) and the Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) to your supervisor.

To help you with your AOC use, our Transaction Services Group will help you gain interim document accessibility. Proprietor/operator and licenced service provider can also utilize productive tools such as Airplane Health Management and Airplane Performance Toolbox.

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