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Definitions and significance of the charter company In the following example, the term is used. On the other hand, the object of an act is also the individual or thing that performs....

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a company registered by regal statute. Pearson that a group of Dusun from Papar had sent a complaint to the UK High Commissioner in Singapore about the Chartered Company's management's failing to defend its interests by reselling community land to the European gum areas in the region.

A number of Chartered Company's large stockholders in London represented the concept of railways. One of the first measures taken by the Chartered Company in the early stages of its management was the introduction of a number of ground related legislation and rules. Serious shortages of personnel in the Chartered Company's administrative department also led to a delayed allocation of title to lands.

Terry, 54, purchased the newspaper every Thursday in a quest for a position as Chartered Company Secretary in the Northeast. "It' s not very often as Chartered Company secretary that I see ads for appropriate positions. I buy mortgage properties from creditors, bundle them into bonds secured by these properties and sell them to buyers.

She is a secretary and post-graduate student in the field of advertising at the Chartered Institute of Advertising. to advance affordability of residential space in the United States and renters are currently subsidizing their rentals under Section 8 of HUD. and are therefore deemed by the OTCBB to be issuers from abroad.

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