How much is a Personal Jet

What does a Personal Jet cost?

The collaboration with Stratos compared to other jet charter companies gives a personal touch that others seem to lack. So, if you're tired of flying commercials for these business meetings or movie promotions, consider getting a private jet. Lilium, the private jet aircraft, is the world's first electric vertical landing and take-off jet.

Personal Lilium Jet Aircraft

A personal plane gives you the liberty to go wherever you want without having to worry about transport. Offering comfortable space for two people, the plane has a range of up to 344 mph. A memorable adventure with a fantastic panoramic views. Reduce your pendulum speed by exchanging your bikes for the private airplane Cobalt Valkyrie.

Influenced by classical combat jet engines, it is driven by a 350 hp double turbo-piston motor with an sleek styling and first-class accommodation. Kitty Hawk is a private electrical airplane designed to give you the free sky without actually having to buy a pilot's licence.

It comes with 10 thrusters that are capable of lifting the plane 10 ft into the sky at 20 ft while on the move. Slide through the sky like a magnificent hawk in a rucksack motor plane. Featuring lightweight aluminium and lightweight construction, this lightweight engine has a solid, lightweight construction that's really useful when you want to take a break from your old waterjet gear.

Enjoy your personal first-hand ride by boarding the FlyNano electrical plane. This light, water-based airplane, which weighs only 15 lbs, is assembled in just 15 min and allows you to take to the air as soon as you reach 90 kph. Ride through the waters with the same aggressiveness you would have on the pistes by skiing on a snow mobile jetskis.

From driving over tarmac to sliding over surface without having to switch cars while driving on the Motorrad-Jet-Ski-Hybrid. Children will never be too tardy again as the beltless, jet-powered Schulbus takes over the area. Experience the thrill of driving a motorbike with flying ability with this water-powered jetbike.

It works similar to the water-powered JETPAK, but the JETBEIK is available at a split price and can be connected to a jet ski to operate this lightweight bicycle vehicle. Enjoy the thrills of big wave windsurfing, even when the wave is shallow with the electrically driven body board.

Manoeuvrable, the board pushes through the waters at high speed, making it ideal for leisure or emergency activities. Moving over cut loaves of loaf, the waterjet package is formally the best ever. You can own your own jet-jet for just sixty-eight giants.

Make the most of your two-person jet skis by securing them to the Sealver jet skishaft. You can move through the aquarium like a fishy animal with this modulare jet drive system. Provide your little yachtsmen with a secure way to discover the waters by releasing them on this child's jet-skis.

Amelia 7 is a combat airplane that blends the past and the present to create an airplane with unparalleled power and aesthetic appeal. Turn your next days on the ocean into an unforgettable experience by diving aboard the Narke Power Jet Skis. With the Aqua Jet shaver, the removal of unattractive body whiskers is easier than ever.

Perfectly engineered to connect to any type of tubing, this beautifully engineered instant shaver uses the continual stream of freshly flowing tap to give you a thorough and gentle cleanse without the need for foam. Enjoy the incomparable excitement of hydroflying - even if you are a novice - with the Flyride Hydroflyer Air Jet Skis.

Featuring a flying system that can do anything from self-balancing to automatic drum rollers, this funny two-seater is fitted with a flying controller! Compatible with all popular baths, this head has variable nozzle and nozzle settings to provide an exciting spa bath that leaves you completely relaxing. Break any song records when riding on the locale that drives this Jet Go-Kart.

Driven by a Boeing 502-12 gasturbine that can generate more than 300 lbs of thruster, this custom-engineered rev daemon is designed to be a powerful weapon in the development of a new type of power plant. Wherever you are in the Globe, this personal filter strain ensures that you always have safe potable drinkable water. Whatever your location. Enjoy a cinematic adventure in your own home by viewing your favourite movies in your personal 3-D screen.

Enhance your convenience and your indoor climate at the same time with the Evapolar personal climate control system. In addition to evenly distributing the fresh breeze in your personal space, this small device moistens and cleans the fresh breeze around you and cools it down to 15ยบ. Savour a chilly drink almost anywhere by taking your personal draught with you.

Helps you achieve your personal training objectives by remaining highly motivating and concentrated with this personal instructor for AI. Now, the time has come for the human resources robots to be app-controlled. This little fellow, who stands 4 ft high, has fully jointed extremities driven by 10 engines to produce lifelike movements that you can steer with your smart phone.

If you are looking for a light angling adventure or just want to go into a fierce fight for a buffer barge, this personal carrying vessel is for you! Hit the hottest place, no matter where you go, as long as you have the personal fog ventilator at your side.

Shooting a soft jet of irrigation into a small ventilator, this convenient cooler turns it into a beautiful fog that strokes your face and keeps you cold on the busiest nights. Capture nature by crossing it with your personal air-cushion vehicle. Don't lose your precious jet pack flying with you to any goal - now you can get there yourself.

Code-named Martin Jettpack, this James Bond like personal transport gear will revolutionise the way people fly. Easily slide through different surfaces while driving your own personal air-cushion car. Define anew what it means to drive off-road with your personal off-road car. Its groundbreaking styling coupled with tank-shaped tyres and 13 hp motor transforms the countryside into your own personal adventure park - unspoilt and awaiting you.

Going will be a thing of the past when you climb on one of these smart personal transporters. Stop dragging around cumbersome dive gear, now you can enjoy the dark blues with your personalized sub! Virtually a theft at a good deal of just two million dollar, the personal U-boat provides unprecedented opportunities for personal marine research.

Gaining a new esteem for the surrounding worlds, float over them like a magnificent elf on this electrical jersey. Discover the kingdom of Neptune as you would never have thought possible in one of these Ortega personal diving boats. Offering excellent seats for 2 or 3 people, they can go to a depth of 310 ft and are equipped with two high-performance electrical engines that achieve a speed of 11 knots. 3.

The JB-9 personal jettpack allows you to eliminate all unnecessary travel and saves countless miles on your journey. Discover the realm of King Neptune like never before as you cruise in your personal deep-sea sub. Featuring a highly efficient rechargeable submersible lithium ferric and phosphate rechargeable batteries, this U-boat allows you to discover the serenity of the oceans in a clean and quiet way.

Prevent congestion forever by jumping aboard your personal SureFly quad copter. Offering a 1 hr run of 70 miles cruising distance, this comfortable two-seater is based on 8 carbon-fibre propulsion units driven by 8 separate petrol motors. Ultra affordably priced, these prefabricated containers houses provide all the amenities of a fixed home such as flowing tapewater, a fully operational bath, master suite, fitted kitchen and cosy sitting-room.

Just place your lover's face in the seat and open your leg - and your hearts - to enjoy the horse riding of your age. Bring the bright smiles you've always wanted from the convenience of your home with the electrical ultrasound smilebrush. Your u-shaped bristle will contour your tooth and offer superb depth cleansing to eliminate up to 100% more stains and plaque than a normal bristle cleaner.

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