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Taxidrivers are one of the pedestrians to be found in the GTA series. Taxi drivers in GTA IV are even more rude and disgruntled. Taxi drivers in GTA IV are even more rude and disgruntled.

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Cabmen who repair a cab at Kaufman Cabs' warehouse. Taxidrivers are one of the walkers to be found in the GTA family. Like the name already says, they go with taxis through the towns and can have bad moods. During the years of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, taxi and taxi owners have developed over time.

Taxi riders in GTA III and GTA Vice City are mostly immigrant (probably from the Mid East or India, because of their touches and clothing) and usually run away when gamers take their taxi. You can also meet a driver who is fighting for his taxi. Then he tries to run after the driver who is taking the taxi (usually bat or shovel to GTA III), then if he manages to get the driver, the driver pulls the driver out of the taxi and argues with the driver to take his taxi.

But if the driver has a weapon pointed at him, but he doesn't fire, the driver throws his hand up and usually says good things to the driver to stop him from firing, then he goes away and forgets the taxi. In the whole GTA San Andreas the taxi driver have not really developed and are still migrants.

Most likely, if the driver encounters the taxi in GTA San Andreas, he will leave the car and either stop there or run after the driver and assault him. The GTA Liberty City Stories also feature immigrant riders, but most of them are probably Indians, as it turns out when the driver gets into a taxi and plays Radio Del Mundo.

Maybe most taxi riders in the GTA San Andreas like talking shows, because if the driver gets into his taxi, WCTR will be playing. Taxi riders in GTA IV are even more rude and discontented. From time to time, after a road crash, they leave their taxi and try to drag you out of your vehicle and begin a battle.

In this case, if a policeman is close by, or if he is near a cruiser, he will immediately take measures, arrest the driver and take him away. GTA IV taxi riders don't mind if you drag a person out and get on, but run away when you fire out the windows.

When you call 911 and dial the cops after you've struggled with him, he'll pretend you killed him and crawled away and stopped fighting you. Cabmen and a revised Taxi Side Mission are returning in GTA V. These cabmen are sharing their models with normal Mexico walkers, although their behavior is written differently.

Mexico taxi riders are lacking the aggressiveness of their forerunners and normal walkers - they will always run away and not struggle against the players if their taxi is broken or a kidnapping is tried. At GTA Vice City the Vice City Cabs have full whiskers, while the Kaufman Cabs have a moustache.

The driver comes out and attacks you when you hit the vehicle, the same thing happens when you spray the taxi with a fire truck or ram it with a vehicle. You can take a free taxi trip by firing out the windows when you are near your final destination, although this will require you to wait throughout the trip.

They can ask the taxi driver to switch stations. Rarely there will be a taxi driver who says nothing at all but is obviously a girl.

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