Charter your own Plane

Rent your own aircraft

" But for a person or company with three or four planes, it might make sense. " Charter flights - private flights tailored to your needs - make this a thing of the past. Compensating for the cost of ownership of an aeroplane

Charter is often the most tax efficient choice for those who travel a fistful flights per year in private. However, if you are often in the skies and on the move, a complete takeover may make more economic business sense. However, if you are not a regular airline, you may not be able to afford the full cost. For example, the Sherpa report suggests that anyone who flies more than 400 hrs per year should consider all property in fractal ownership as well as on-demand service.

Investing in an airplane is considerable and involves far more than the original acquisition of assets. Certain property owner are not prepared for extra operational charges associated with an airplane, such as hanging, regular servicing, crewing and certifications, salaries and advantages for aircrews and service engineers, insurances, inspection charges and a variety of other charges necessary to operate your airplane in accordance with regulations and at maximum efficiency.

In relation to use, the largest individual operating expenses for aeroplanes are those for fuels. There are also additional servicing charges. Portable aeroplanes shall be maintained routinely and repeatedly to maintain conformity and airworthiness status for the intended operation. In addition, there are additional expenses for frequently washed and waxed airplanes to keep them protected from the weather.

Although an airplane in Schubach is accommodated in a monitored setting, the target is exposed to the effects of the elements, heavy rains and icy conditions during the journey and parked on the runway away from the ground. Having a high-quality detailed planner is a must, but also an extra expense factor.

You must take all these expenses into account before purchasing. Putting on a charter is one of the most beneficial ways to reduce the cost of owning an airplane. As a result, the day-to-day operations and operational control of the airplane are placed in the capable hands of a dedicated executive flight crew to earn revenues from below-average charter asset values when not used by the owners.

The main advantage of charters of your plane is the reimbursement of the charter company's fee per hour to the charterer for the use of the plane. Jet operator can specify the number of charter flying hour per months. Often the revenues from charter periods will more than compensate for the running costs of the owners' own private airfares.

FAA charter conformance processes in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations provide a more sophisticated service plan. Furthermore, a professional and FAA Part 135 certificated air crews allows the owner to rent their plane if it is not used for private trips. Air traffic, servicing and education are maintained at a higher level under FAR Part 135 when the airplane is provided on call to commercial customers than under FAR Part 61 and Part 91 where the airplane is not charters.

This higher level offers extra safety for many operators. Companies like Schubach already manage a large pool of airplanes - possibly similar to your own - and may already have the necessary engineering handbooks, skilled pilot and skilled service engineers. It could lead to significant economies in terms of staff education, mechanics college, pay and benefit package as well as pre-flight and post-flight upkeep.

Total operating costs are significantly lower with this optional feature. The creation of a constant flow of incomes to balance the owner's expenditure will reduce his or her individual debt. In addition, there are four fiscal exemptions in the first year of use for owner-occupiers. One of the most beneficial features is the VAT waiver for charterers.

California Franchise Levy Board allows property holders to evade VAT if the charter relationship goes beyond use. When at least 51% of the flying hours of your airplane in the first year of use for charter flights are recorded, the VAT is not applicable. Mrububach is not responsible for the release policy applied by the proprietor and does not deposit taxation on behalf of the proprietor.

However, we will make the documents of the departures available to the owners through minutes and other auditable documents. Mrubach collects information from reports containing the detail of each individual trip, both ownership and charter. Audit trails are a continuous recording of each and every trip that contains the air travel speed, known as Hobbs speed, a timer used while the engine is in operation (including taxis plus air travel speed).

Aircraft logs are stored for each individual aircraft and calculated for charter calculations, crewing and operating times, aircraft traceability, and control information, expressed in accumulated hourly overruns. That added value for the owners is an important feature that reduces the extra documentation load of maintaining aircraft logs in the first year to apply for VAT exemptions and then depreciate the assets.

Offering rebates on fuels, crewing, insurance, aircraft rentals, navigational charts and parts for necessary servicing, to name just a few of the many ways we can reduce your operational costs. This service simplifies the purchasing procedure and saves you valuable times and money when purchasing and running an airplane.

We are always ready to provide advice on all your flight and property requirements.

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