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Use some of the latest fly-by-wire aviation technologies. The world' s top 10 most pricey private jet now available Meanwhile, a private jet is the most valuable commodity you can buy when it comes to opportunities for travel. Then when we get to all the jetliners that are now in the possession of individual persons, there are the marvelously costly ones that we couldn't just disregard. 10 most costly private jet in the world at the Moment - No.1 is absolutely stunning!

This jet was purchased by Donald Trump from Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, for about a hundred million US dollar. Put your trust in Donald's flavor of style; he has rebuilt this Boeing 757 to give it a tailored new "Trumplike" look. This private jet is now plated with golden, has the latest electronics, a marine bath and 24 carat safety harness locks, shiny banister seats and has the familiar emblem on almost every finish.

The Tyler Perry's Gulfstream III is another private jet that sets itself apart. That lush plane is only $125 million in value. Boeing 747-8 looks quite simply like a mobile building. If Boeing were to let you design your own private jet, we would be happy to help. The Boeing 747's eight-in-one VIP vehicle is the property of Joseph Lau, the Hong Kong property tyrant.

Several of the interiors are arched ceiling, winding stairs, wall mounted visual display and so on. Well, he possesses stunning automobiles, motor boats and private planes. The Boeing 767-33A/ER, known as "The Bandit", is one of the many costly private aircraft due to its dashboard paintwork. Externally it seems to be common, but its inside is said to be furnished with wood from chestnuts and adorned with golden.

Initially the plane was ordered by Hawaiian Airlines, but the order was cancelled and Abramovich purchased it from Boeing and converted it to his own needs. Interieur detail or pictures are hardly accessible to the general public. lt's not possible to see them. Abramovich often travels to Luton Airport about 40 nautical miles from London, where he often sits.

Talal Al-Wleed bin Talal, regarded as the wealthiest man in Saudia, is the saudian king who owned the 220 million dollar Boeing 747-400. If the Boeing has a problem, the Hawker often lets the Hawker tow it to its target. The Sultan of Brunei is regarded as the wealthiest emperor in the whole wide range of the earth.

In the same way that millions of people have a car pool, the oil-dripping millionaire sailor has a jet pool. The Boeing 747-430 is the biggest of his other planes. Buying this 747 all new for at least $100 million, he had it equipped with a custom finish and fittings such as massive golden washbasins and genuine chocolate crystals for an extra $120 million.

Usmanov is the major stockholder of Metalloinvest, Russia's major steelmaker. Directly from the Airbus plant, the A340 costed about $250 million, but the custom design could fetch up to half a billion bucks according to the user's tastes, which we believe Umanov will not want to enjoy to the full a little less than luxuries.

It is the biggest private jet in Russia and possibly in all of Europe. The Airbus A380, a double-decker jet, is the biggest airliner in the sky and can carry 853 people commercially. Prinz Al Waleed purchased it for an incredible $300 million and injected another $200 million into the facility.

It is the most costly jet currently in the possession of one person. Normally the jet is a Boeing 747, but it has been rebuilt to preserve the most classical and costly private jet in the worlds - full with bedroom, several lounge and on-board cafeteria. It is said that the tailor-made Boeing 747 paid its super-rich owners over 600 million dollars after it was rebuilt into a luxurious house according to his instructions.

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