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Receive instructions, reviews and information for Dispatch Taxi Affiliation in Chicago, IL. Shipping Taxi Affiliation Inc 4536 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60630 Evaluate this store! #2159 Cab was rudely driven reckless and was smoking a cigarette in the cab and overpriced me because my goal was out of the way. Last I met with this cab operator. Should have been reading those reviewers before I began using that outfit!

Division said 5 to 30 mins for a pickup to Wrigley. Well, I phoned and theispatcher said no one wanted to take the ticket to Wrigley. Poorest firm to be dealing with, bogus pledges and poor governance. Principal objective is to earn income with their riders, no matter how. 50% chances of getting your taxi on schedule thanks to the old-fashioned scheduling system you use.

It has been proved that the dispatchers are selling good orders to favourite riders, so even think about working in that place. Any kind of problem with the credits card, unauthorized, duplicate chips, robbery....... The majority of their riders are new, not enough experienced like Flash or Yellow. Angry F******* driver! Excellent service and more!

Calling this cab company to get us to El. Said they'd be there in 20 minutes and they'd be there in 5 minutes. Coincidentally, she dropped my notebook in the cab and when I phoned, they said the chauffeur found it and could turn it in at the cottage.

Well, I phoned and said 5-20 mins for a cab. I' m informed 30 mins later that the cab is outside. I' m informed that the rider misheard the wrong adress and he'll be with me in a moment. This is the lowest level of customer satisfaction I've ever had. So when I phoned their headquarters to tell them to call it off because of this problem, the wife couldn't have taken less care of the loss of the deal.

I' m more than 20 min too early now because this shift isn't working. At 19:32 I went outside and was yelled at, virtually addressed by the cabbie. And he was unbelievably impolite and a horrible chauffeur. I' LL NEVER USE THIS FEATURE AGAIN! Time and again Tierra steals from the Dispatch Taxicab Affiliation cabmen.

The taxi is confused, she makes the taxi operator fill in his rental contract and then she helps other people. When she returns to the first driving operation, she no longer gives him credits for all vouchers that have been handled and says to the taxi cab owner that he owe more than he actually does.

Now that the period between the start of the deal has elapsed - and then the amount of charge is charged to the driver's account, it is easier for them to tell him the incorrect amount. thinks the rider forgets how much the credits are really valuable.

Judging from computations and how many riders she's robbed on a routine base, we estimate she's robbing about $800. $00 amon from their own cabmen. Estimates, she needs cash for pots and other narcotics that she and her brother do and sometimes around the firm that builds on them.

She' done this to some riders more than three different reasons why we write this. When it happens again, we will go to the town council, lodge a protest against the business and claim back the cash. Talked to a scheduler to ask them to make me an offer for a one-way itinerary.

There are too many other taxis to pick from. {\pos (192,210)}I used this firm on a journey from the city center to Ohare. Drivers didn't use mobile phones. Amazingly, I kept my purse in a cab at the terminal and the next morning I got a call from my auto insurer to let me know that the cab had my purse.

They not only made the additional move of locating my purse and phoning one of my maps, but also all my money and my maps were still in my purse. But the only fraud I can imagine is that the rider was a little aggresive while riding. No more than most other cabbies.

As all taxinames (company names) in Greater Chicago are similar..... It was my belief that this firm had doubly debited my plastic for a recent journey back to town by O'Hare. Well, I phoned and got a quick response to my call.... I' ve been explaining the problem to dispatch clerk Juan. He took the opportunity to look up the number of the bank account several different ways.

Within an hours he phoned me back and explained to me that he had found out to which firm this belongs and even provided the details to call and clarify with the right firm.... he was right. Unfortunately I was quite drunk and my purse was lying in the backyard. One of the riders came to my home in person today to give it back.

So I tried to tip the chauffeur the $10, but he wouldn't do it. This is the only cab ever called by a sick person. I had my purse falling out of my cloak and they were sincere and courteous enough to try to find me and give it back with all my stuff still in it.

And I was really satisfied with the sincerity and dependability of this business. Leave my mobile behind in the taxi, and the taxi cabbie could give it back to me in an hours if I leave it in the taxi. Without Juan Hernandez at headquarters, I couldn't have reached the taxi man!

My cab was booked in advance to meet me in O'Hara for my arrivals and the next morning to leave Chicago at another city. Mr. Ottman, the rider was on schedule on both dates, really early! The shipping service is recommended. Before I left, the clerical personnel were very cooperative and phoned me back with the driver's name and telephone number.

Travelling a lot, I have found little or no client support when it comes to taxi services. Others could take a class in Dispatch Taxi client services. <font color="#ffff00">A++++++++++++ Services!

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