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Our goal is to be York's best and cheapest taxi company. Cheap cabs in and around York Provide you with a full range of services for your short-haul and long-haul travel needs. Instant invoicing and payment option according to your needs. The best rates for your holidays or travels. We' re less expensive than park at the airports and relieve you of the trouble of preparing for your holidays.

Seven Six Four has been working with York City and its environs for over 20 years.

Booking your taxi in advance by SMS. We accept all common types of bank and charge card. You have a bigger familiy, just want more space or have cumbersome or cumbersome items.

York Taxis | 24 Hours York Taxi Service

The 659 taxis in York have one of the biggest fleets of personal rental cars in York. With over 15 years of service expertise, we provide a wide range of 4, 5, 6, 7, 7 and 8 seat vehicle solutions. So wherever you are in York, we can reach you on schedule.


Careful driving out there, please! Please keep in mind that if you are leaving a bad rating for a long waiting period; We serve 2 districts with about 750,000 individuals with only a fistful of cars. Even if we give you a waiting period, it is under the condition that the individual is deposed before you where he tells us to.

In most cases, for whatever reasons, passengers will not tell us their real departure point until after they have been collected, which will increase waiting time. A further cause for the longer waiting time is that folks tell us to stop, and it becomes a two-hour trip through the town.

Although this doesn't bother us, it does significantly increase waiting periods for all other clients. York County offers the lowest prices. We are just a small business with less than 10 cars serving 2 rural districts and more than 750,000 individuals. Only something to consider if you get a long waiting period.

We' re only hiring sure chauffeurs who know the area. All our chauffeurs are independant entrepreneurs and know that the way from A to B2 is secure. - This is a high standard for all riders. - Pre-recruitment and annual crime back office audits are carried out on all riders to check that they are complying with the regulations.

  • Ten years of driving check are carried out on all riders before hiring and once a year. Every day we get a dozen job offers from new riders. Today, more and more of our riders use different ways of handling your cards, so your money doesn't have to be your only choice.

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