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Teaming up with Jet Aviation to offer a wide range of luxurious private jets for both domestic and international private charter. EJM's private jet charter services offer the highest levels of security, operational excellence and service whether you are flying for business or pleasure. Charters and aircraft management for more flexibility when traveling

It'?s good to see the best side of aviation. They can also benefit from tailor-made trips tailored to your needs - and spare you the hassle of being guided through large hub airports and missing or late departures. By saving you precious extra hours, we make sure you get to the nearest international city.

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It' s a good idea to consider a business charter if a business carrier cannot keep up with your company's full itinerary. A wider choice of airport options allows you to get nearer to your favourite destinations, saving your precious valuable experience in terms of leisure activities and traffic. Experienced charter agent will help you find the best aircraft for your business trip, as well as the most suitable aircraft for your area.

Lots of today's personal business aircraft are fully fitted with the latest business facilities, such as Wi-Fi and satelite telephones. There are even some with privately owned meeting rooms so you can hold important business get-togethers while comfortably traveling in your own personal booth. We organise your journey in such a way that you can concentrate on the interests of the business, from organising floor transport and the provision of on board meal services to business lunch bookings.

No matter whether you need local or national charter flying within the United States, or your business needs call for overseas trips, our flight charter professionals can help you organise business trips based on your timetable rather than an airline. Offering our customers worldwide direct and direct contact with hundreds of hundreds of pre-tested chartered aircraft in major metropolitan areas, we will provide secure and convenient flight arrangements wherever your business may take you:

Interested in booking your best charter flights? Meet our experienced, courteous staff of charter representatives here to help you with any queries you may have or get your offer started today.

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In addition to providing secure, easy-to-use and productive solutions, individual and corporate travelers want on-demand private and business airline solutions. Charter fligths are operated according to the passenger's timetable, which allows high degree of versatility. Offering the option of entering and leaving more than 5,000 U.S. government operated aerodromes - more than 100-fold the number of airline seats - Open Charter provides easy entry to your destinations.

Luftcharter is a secure means of transport. Despite all the advantages offered by Charter Airport, it is also the case that not all airlines will be able to satisfy your particular wishes and needs. Become an accomplished charter customer. General knowledge of the issues to be asked and the expected responses will help you select a secure and serious charter company that offers you the aircraft and services you need and earn.

On this website you will find information to become an informed user and useful tool to preview charter companies and get competitively priced charter offers. The purpose of this asset is to give an outline of ( a) the type of pro-seat and plane-load charter operation with aircraft operating under Part 135 - regular, charter and on-demand - and (b) certain aspects of regulation governing such operation.

Contains information on which Part 135 surgeries are allowed, the difference between the FAA and Department of Transportation implementation guidelines and special consideration for regular, on-demand and charter traffic. Downlaod the guidelines for the sale of the charter with the seat. Some of the useful information for charter passengers contained in the Charter User Manual include: charter company and broker search methods, information on how to find charter agents that check charter company security, a listing of example issues that customers can ask veterinarians, and an RFP submission that customers can use to obtain and analyse offers for certain charter services.

Please click here to get the Aircraft Charter Consumer Guides (password required). Exclusion of liability: This guidance is designed to give general information that will help users to understand how to choose charter airlines. To make an educated judgement, you should ask for more detailed information; these issues go beyond the objectives of this document.

Content does not represent or imply the approval or approval of any particular airline charter carrier or airline charter brokers. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifies charter operators and pilot before they are permitted to operate. Getting a charter company certification is a time-consuming, thorough process that sometimes takes up to a year.

The operating manual of the charter operator is prescribed by the FAA and must be accepted by the FAA official. The FAA employees regularly check the charter companies' record books, which may also be subjected to a regular security check by external security inspectors. Skills of charter drivers are similar to those of drivers of merchant airlines, with minimum requirements for education and flying seasoning.

Institutions that provide security pilot education programmes for charter pilots are subject to the same strict standard as the centres that provide pilot education for air carriers. And the demands on making sure that charter flyers operate in good skies are similar - and in some cases even stricter - than for regular carriers.

There are more than 2,100 charter companies throughout Germany. Such charter companies are obligated to possess an FAA Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified airline or commercial operating certification and operating specifications that include corporate name, ratings and restrictions. Charter companies are entitled to perform on-demand FAR Part 135 surgeries on most business aircraft.

Every charter Operator is associated with an FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) that monitors this certification, and every Charter Operator has an FAA Chief Operating Officer, Aviation and Electronics Supervisor. Any charterer you are considering should provide you with the name of the FSDO, the FAA area of the FSDO, and the name of the inspectors monitoring your certification.

Please consult your FAA FSDO for the security and casualty record of any charter company. Search the auditing and valuation histories of the charter company. The results of audits can be determined by making contacts with the charterer or by external security inspectors. Among the three most important auditing organisations of charter companies are: The best way to serve charter customers is to pre-select several charter companies and/or charter agents prior to a charter flight. Charter customers are therefore best advised to select a charter company and/or charter broker prior to a charter flight. charter customers are best advised to select a charter company and/or charter broker prior to a charter.

Please use the following question as a guide to help you decide which charter company or charter brokers are best suited to your needs. Well-known charter companies have different ways of ensuring secure operation, so there may not be just one "right" response to one of these issues. The previous text should, however, help the consumer to better comprehend some of the best practice in the charter sector.

Please use this contact to request a quote for a particular charter trip.

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