Learjet Corporation

Learjet Corporation

Learn more about the history of Learjet Inc. The Learjet business of Bombardier Inc. is currently available.

History of Learjet

In August 1962, Bill Lear moved his Lear businesses from Altenrheim in Switzerland to Wichita, Kansas, and called them Lear Jet Corporation. The first Learjet with series tools is finished on 15 September and delivered ex works for the assembly of the preferred aircraft as well as the end inspection. The first Learjet, Model 23, made its maiden voyage on 7 October.

The Learjet 23 sample certification is issued on 31 July. 13 October, first Learjet 23 series ( 003) delivered to Chemical Industrial Corporation in Cincinnati, Ohio. Learjet sets three global record, Los Angeles to New York and returns in 10 hrs, 21 min flying with two fuel stop.

On 17 March, Learjet 24 becomes the first aircraft to be FAR 25 approved to US FAR 25 standard, replacing the previous Carriage Class 4b. Its name is renamed Gates Learjet Corporation. In February Learjet set a new climbing champion record: 6 min, 19 sec and 40,000ft. July, FAA certification of Learjets 35 and 36.

On April 8, Learjet will deliver the legendary Learjet 500, a Learjet 24D to the Mexican Marine. Golf legends Arnold Palmer lead a Learjet 36 pilot team to a 48-hour, 48-minute flying trip (57 and 26 minute hours) worldwide experience. On April 15, the FAA certified the operations of Learjet planes at 51,000 ft, the highest in civilian air travel.

In April 1978, a Learjet 23 was on display as a temporary exhibition at the General Aeronautics Department of the Smithsonian Institutionâs National Air and Space Museum. On January 30, the FAA certified the Learjet 28/29 aircraft, the world's first serial aircraft with singlets. On February 21, Neil Armstrong climbed to 50,000 ft in Learjet Longhorn 28 and set five global record for commercial aircraft in Kitty Hawk, NC.

The Wichita site is expanded by 5.2 million dollars, and the first Learjet Longhorn 50 Serie Large Capacity Aircraft is launched on the market. On March 28, the 1,000th Learjet is shipped to the Eaton Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio. In March, the FAA certified the Learjet 55, the company's first medium-sized aircraft.

The Learjet 55LR set the global airspeed records in May by making a 12-hour, 37-minute fuel stop from Los Angeles to Paris. Learjet is awarded the order in September to construct an intermediate container for the primary amplifier launch vehicle of the Space-Shuttle. The Learjets 31 and 55C are awarded FAA approval in September, the first corporate jet with wings from Delta-Finnen.

On 29 June, the Learjet is taken over by Bombardier. Mm. October sees the launch of Bombardier's Model No. 171A and the announcement of the Learjet 60 pilot program. June: In June, Bombardier founds the Learjet's Learjet Test Center at Learjet, Wichita. The Learjet 45 makes its first flying on 7 October, 32 years after the first launch of the Learjet.

On February 22, a 98,000 m² extension of the Bombardier Flight Test Center is formally marking with a certificate of completion. Built on a historic construction, the Learjet 100 60 set a speed limit between Pittsburgh and Paris of 8 hrs and 1 min to travel 3,452 mph. July, first Learjet 45 outbound.

On 13 June, Bombardier announced that the brand new Continental Business jet, a mid-size aircraft located between the Learjet 60 and Challenger 604, would be installed at the Wichita site. On August 20, Bombardier will deliver the 2,000th Learjet to Parker Hannifin Aerospace (Cleveland, Ohio). 3 October, Delivering the bicentenary Learjet no. 131A to Falcon Air Services of Phoenix, Arizona.

On August 14, the Bombardier Continental successfully completed its maiden voyage. Shipment of the Learjet 45, less than four years after commissioning of the plane. On 22 July, Bombardier announced the new Learjet 40 and Learjet 45XR superlight jetliners. The Learjet 40 prototypes will make their maiden voyage on 31 August, followed by their maiden voyage six and a half flights on 5 September.

FAA certification of the Learjet 40 during the 40-year jubilee year of the first Learjet-trip. 21 January, the first shipment of the Learjet 40 lightweight commercial aircraft. 1 July, first shipment of the super-light Learjet 46XR commercial aircraft. On June 17, Bombardier announced that it has obtained U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) government clearance for the Honeywell TFE731-20BR powerplant upgrades to the Learjet 46XR commercial aircraft.

On October 11, 2010, the company launched the new Learjet 40XR, an upgraded variant of the Learjet 40 lightweight commercial aircraft, which went into operation in January 2004. Surpassing the excellent performances of the highly acclaimed Learjet 40, the Learjet 40XR flies even further in high-altitude, high-altitude environments and from difficult aerodromes.

The Special Edition Learjet 60 is also launched by Bombardier. Special Edition Learjet 60 is also available. In October, Bombardier successfully relocated Tucson's internal finishing operations to build an integral Learjet production plant in Wichita. October, Shipment of the first Special Edition Learjet 60, the 175th Learjet 60 in the programme's historical record. On November 9, with the launch of the Learjet 60-XR - the latest development of the high-performance and time-tested Learjet 60- at the NBAA Conference 58, Bombardier is raising the benchmark for the whole middle class.

This Learjet 60-XR is equipped with a state-of-the-art aviation system and a stand-up stateroom with a redesigned passenger compartment. On April 3, the Bombardier Learjet 60-XR successfully completed a strict 2-hour 20-minute maiden voyage. 30 July, commissioning of the first Learjet 60-XR Jets. On 30 October, Bombardier will launch a brand new medium-size Learjet with the provisional name NXT.

On 22 January, Bombardier announced a firm name for the new airplane - the Learjet 85. She also announced that Grob Aerospace of Switzerland has been selected to design the full compound airframe of the new Learjet 85 and that Grob will also be building the first three prototypes.

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