Learjet for Sale Price

The Learjet at the selling price

of North America + Canada, for sale by Pacific Point Aviation. Class 70 Learjet 70 Privat Jet Charter, sale and lease of privat jets Learjet 70 is built on Learjet 40 and will have an enhanced cruising distance through new Honeywell power plants and enhanced wingtip wings, giving it a cruising distance of 2000+nm compared to the continuous 1700nm cutoff of the 1940s. For the Learjet 70, the styling was taken from several different origins; the cabin styling approach was taken from the Learjet 40 and 45 aircraft, while the angular shape of the wing was taken from the Bombardier Global 7000 and 8000 series.

In November 2013, the Learjet 70 was certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Conveniences integrated into the Learjet 70 styling range are a large kitchen, top dining area, pop-up screens and personal toilet. Learjet 70's cab ins are typical for six occupants, but a 7th occupant can be seated in a belt toilet.

Usually the chairs are in a forward looking form, which consists of six chairs with integral stowage space in the cab. Learjet 70 stateroom is 17mm. Fifty-seven foot long, reached four. It'?s 92 ft high and it?s a 5-meter stretch. 0-8 foot wide. A 65 ft. luggage depot is available on this privately owned commercial aircraft.

15 ft. of in-flight stowage space is available for the comfort of passengers. Learjet 70's pressure maintenance system is able to provide a cab height at elevation of 25,700 ft above ocean floor and a max cab height of 8,000 ft with a certified operating limit of 51,000 ft.

Two Honeywell TFE731-40BR Honeywell engine units are fitted to the Learjet 70. The Learjet 70 needs only 4,440 ft of airstrip at an altitude of 4,440 ft to take off on a single normal launch date at max take-off mass. The Learjet 70, with four occupants and max. take-off mass, needs only 2,660 ft of airstrip to reach ocean height on a normal flight today.

Learjet 70 has an starting flight height of 45,000 ft, which it can achieve at max take-off mass, and a certified max height of 51,000 ft. It is a privately owned commercial aircraft able to maintain a 465 knot airspeed. For the Learjet 70 the chosen avionic system is the Garmin G5000 Garmin avionic system.

Learjet 70's flying decks have no paper, as important check lists, maps and other necessary and important documentation can be loaded and displayed on the screen. Bombardier Visual System (SVS) is also integrated into the Learjet 70's Learjet 70 flying decks.

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