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His flight was booked four months ahead of me and he cost half the price. Unique travel guide with real travel prices from travelers like you. World Tour packages with price.

What does it take to spend a year travelling around the world?

My aim is to show that travelling is not as costly as one might think, and in 2015 I lived at home less than many a year. In the last 12 month I have been able to reach 19 countries: $19,640 I gave out. It' s much less than I had expected, as this was the first year I tried very little to go on a trip with a single household allowance.

So this is not a guidebook on how to tour the world for the smallest possible amount of cash - it's about how travelling is still payable when you decide to go for beautiful homes, plunder for occasional events in chic hotel rooms, and don't pick the most inconvenient available budgeting option.

It' s about how you can still afford to pay less than many would in a year at home, even on a medium-budget. If you have more money for a packer and will stay in dormitories, land and low-cost areas of the world, what can you do?

To find out what exactly happened to my cash, to what standards I spent the night and how I saved my travelling expenses, read on. I spent a whole $6962 on my overnight stay. By 2015, I was staying in a whole range of lodgings, from eight-bed rooms in Latvia to a luxurious swimming room in the midst of the Kampuchean jungles.

And I still can't believe that it almost always turns out to be half price for a month's accommodation in a B&B in a hostel when one stays a whole months in a home with full facilities and access to the web.

Talking about slower journeys, this year was also more about staying in a new place for a few month than a few extra nights, which saved me a lot of cash and allowed me to get to know a place more than just it was. Three-month period I spend in Granada to write my own work. Two different month in London.

For four whole week I was living in Taipei and for a whole week I was spending a whole week in Melbourne. Dave and I were able to further reduce the cost of our accommodations through the generous support of our families and buddies around the world. Accommodated with mates in Amsterdam and Melbourne and with my and Dave's families in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

In conclusion, I have to say that if you traveled with a larger backpack money, you could very well reduce the cost of overnight stays to half of what I used. Costliest place I stayed: But the most costly place I slept was the swimming Cambodian hotels, which cost 175 dollars a nights.

It was one of the most important events of my whole year and I got it for Dave's anniversary. It'?s the least expensive place I ever stayed: My lowest rate of accommodation was the Munkenhof Youth Hostel in Tallinn ($13.39 per night), which also won for the quickest period I spent the night in one place and the poorest place I ever spent the night in.

Ah, cheap travels! Longest I've ever been in one place: This should be my Airbnb flat in Granada, where I lived for over three month! Best place I ever stayed: Because I am a solid finisher and lover, I have calculated the mean nightly costs for each town I have been to this year.

I hope this will give you a good picture of what to look forward to in different parts of the world. I have also included links to the places I lived in as place names if you'd like to try them out! Everything with a * is somewhere where I was alone or on Dave's anniversary, so the overnight expenses were not shared. : : :

All my transport expenses for the year amounted to: Though I took a bunch of trips for comfort and saving myself lots of hours, because I also travelled slow, it still worked to be reasonable. The simplest way to find low-cost air travel is to be agile and easy to use.

When you have not specified any trip date or destination, you can view the price for a whole months and select the best one. When you don't care where you're going, you can check out every flight to every international destination to see what saves you time. Usually one of them will get me a price on the football pass.

Priciest flight: He got his plane four month before me and it was half the price. One of the year' s attractions was to find a copy of my books in the world' s leading tourist bookshop! Here is my distribution of my expenditures for the year: Eating is almost always one of my greatest expenditures when I am travelling, because my lifetime is too brief to have a poor one.

Earlier this year, I faced the temptation to do more traveling activity, so I think I was quite abysmal in that respect. So busy was my doing my first half of the year that I hardly ever moved out of my flat, then the second half was filled with fear attack as I recuperated from the typing in.

I have found that the longer I go, the more important it is for me to wander through marketplaces, meet local people and chat with them and be with mates. I had a $95.00 overall cost for my passport. Most of the year I stayed in Europe and had a brief stay in Thailand and Vietnam so that I could get their free of charge entry permits upon my return.

12-month World Nomads reporting was $706.26. My only obligation is my trip insurances, and I never go anywhere without them! I' m always for World Nomads because they make long distance travelling simple. Lovely Granada: my home for three month a year! What costs are and are not to be taken into account was difficult to figure out, and I know I won't be able to please everyone.

Operating expenses: Reversed expense: After spending $3,000 on a trip to the Seychelles, Mauritius and the Maldives, I was so scared that I had to abandon my itinerary. Changing my clothes: This year I spend several hundred bucks on every garment I have in my rucksack.

The majority of travelers do not need such a thing and would probably not buy one in the middle of their trip. While I didn't follow my spending in as much detail when I began travelling, you can see how my first year of travelling costed me $13,000. In dormitories I slept in in hostels, eaten fastfood and traveled mainly over land.

These are my 2015 editions! How do you think - is $20,000 less or more than you thought it would take to spend a year travelling?

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