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A few possibilities exist to find free or cheap stopovers when planning your trip. Getting more out of every journey Do you plan a journey and want to make optimal use of your flying and travelling budgets by making a short stop? Do you know that you can often include a favourite city in your route, be it a sightseeing tour or a long distance journey, a voyage around the globe, for very little extra cash (sometimes not at all, sometimes even less!)?

Do you know anything about stops? A lot of travellers don't know much about stops. For international (and often regional) flights, most carriers have to stop somewhere on the way to their ultimate destinations. What if you travel through a city you'd like to discover? Do you know that on many routes in certain towns you can make a stop for a few short flights with little variation in your travel plan (you can sometimes even get an additional trip for less - more on that later!)?

By saving yourself a lot of cash by making intelligent stops, you can convert a long-haul trip to your next level of convenience, namely becoming certified SWISS Economy City! What about a few holidays in Fiji or Tahiti on the way to New Zealand or Australia? Would you like to see the Great Wall, but don't you think it makes economic sense to include China in your travel plan?

Would you like to see what London has to say but not have the money for more than a week or two? When you are concerned with your layover choices, you have the option to see more for less. A lot of airline companies are offering free stops in their home countries or for a token charge, but it may take a while to figure out how to do it, as few companies promote it.

They can find some information on the web pages of the air carriers, but often a call is necessary. Remember that domestic carriers are most likely the ones that allow stops in their home countries. Emirates Airways, for example, provides intermediate stops in Dubai, Fiji Air in Nadi, Singapore Air in Singapore and Iceland Air in Reykjavik.

When you are considering a long-term travel and want to buy a multi-stop ticket, it is worthwhile to find a way to integrate a free or cheap intermediate stop into your travel route. Air fares are changing all the time, and you never know when you'll find this one mad business, so be hard at work reviewing all the choices.

When you can't find a good round-trip or multi-city ticket, try putting together a set of one-way flights. Whilst it is often enticing to find out all this for yourself, this is a period in which you can take advantage of a tourist office or a business specialising in multi-stage, sophisticated flights.

When you need professional assistance in addition to stopping off for a longer journey, contact your nearest AirTreks office for help, or contact an AirTreks representative by telephone, fax or e-mail. A few possibilities exist to find free or cheap stops when you plan your itinerary.

Indie, our multiple flights reservation engine, is skilled at quickly locating stops and below you'll learn how you can use Indie to maximise your fares. AirTreks professionals always try to optimize your journey for you, and part of it is to help you find logic stops within your multi-stop itinerary.

You know all kinds of different ways to maximise your itinerary, which is a great advantage for a business specialising in this type of travel. Often an intermediate stop is only a longer intermediate stop. Odds are you have been looking for flights on your preferred reservation page, you have seen that most long distance flights have a stop somewhere on the way to your ultimate goal.

It is a good occasion to make this few hours stay a few days stop. When you see that a plane to London or Amsterdam is stopping in Reykjavik, Iceland, on its way there, note that Iceland Air gives you the option to prolong this one-hour stay to a few days stop, sometimes for nothing at all, something for a very small charge (check all the appointment options as this has the biggest effect on costs).

A number of carriers provide and promote stop-overs (such as Iceland Air), so you can make your own stop-overs with them. You can also speak to an AirTreks representative (or your favourite multi-stop company) or do it yourself on Indie. It' quite possible on big reservation pages, but you have to fool around to find the right airlines/flight combination (and know about the above named carrier geography).

A secret tip to get the most out of your money is to make a break in an unconventional way by reserving two flights on two different ticket with two different carriers. Traveling to and from major nodal points in a given area is usually the cheapest way to travel around the globe, and often you can use low cost carriers or find specific offers to use these major nodal points as stops to travel from point A to point B. For example, let's say you travel from Sydney to South Africa or India or Europe or the Middle East.

Singapur is a big junction city, which is located between these areas, and you can use this as a stop between the two area. Scot Airlines is a low cost carrier headquartered in Singapore. You have very cheap flights from Sydney to Singapore. You will then find a seperate Singapore to Singapore connection to your ultimate goal (we will give you a concrete example in the Singapore section below).

A large part of the gameplay in the search for meaningful stops consists of just fooling around and trying out different routes and city combo. Keep in mind that appointments and weekdays (Tuesdays - Thursdays are usually cheaper) can vary a rate, as can travel in high seasons or on public holidays. However, if you are travelling on a holiday, you may not be able to get the best of it.

For over 25 years AirTreks has been assisting people with long-term itineraries, and if you are making a big journey, it may be worth contacting one of their tour operators to discuss your itinerary. Check out different routing choices and get your budget estimate to get a feeling for what your journey might entail, and as you get nearer to completing your itinerary, contact and speak to a tour operator.

These can help you maximise your routes and find stops to suit your suggested travel routes. Read below in the interval to learn how to make a trip to some of our favourite towns and what you can do while there. Use Emirates for a stop in Dubai: .

In all these instances, we will show you how Indie can help you achieve an additional goal for a small supplement to your budgeting. Often you can include a city in your travel plan and make the trip LESS expensive! Actually the cheapest way for the trip without Dubai was more - USD$3620.

What there is to do and see in Dubai on a brief stopover: There is a lot to see and do. With Iceland Air Island on a layover visit: . But the cheapest way to get the best price without Reykjavik was 74 $ less - 1680 USD. What to do and see in Iceland on a brief stopover: .

Would you like a more relaxed break? However, Singapore is an exemption from the rules when it comes to Southeast Asia. Whilst frugal travellers still get by less here than in London and New York, it is much more costly than in neighbouring Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia.

With Singapore Air to Singapore on a stopover: Singapore is a great place to stop off, whether from Australia, the other way around, or from the USA to Europe to various destinations in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, for accommodation, air transfer and free entry to the main Sights.

For a multi-city ticket on the airline reservation page, just include Singapore in your route, either home or home from your stop. Sightseeing flights were found from Sydney to London, with a stop in Singapore on the way there, for 124.64 dollars. And we also looked for a return from Sydney to London without a stop in Singapore, and the costs were only 19 dollars less, at 1222.08 dollars.

Actual saving will result from Singapore Air's hotels, transfers and site visits as soon as you reach the basket page of your reservation confirmations. Throw in one of their Singapore stopovers for just $65. Actually the cheapest alternative for the Singapore free trip was a bit more - USD$2900.

However, if you look at the above screenshots, you will see that Indie still guides you on seperate flights through Singapore to take you from Sydney to Johannesburg. So, this is a case where it's worth being laborious in your research and adding a few day in Singapore to get a stop that only cost you $25 more.

What to do and see in Singapore on a brief stopover: Beach, cultural life, eating and going to the shops predominate a Singapore route. In Singapore, if your meal is important for your travelling experiences, you will have no problem to find first class cooking. Eating in good eateries is possible, but if you want to enjoy stunning meals at great value for money, meet the barrows that pollute the city.

Have a look at these Indonesian trip suggestions for Singapore. Tokio never makes it onto the cheap tourist map, but it's a great stop. It is a truly picturesque and picturesque city that should be seen by any traveller, and it is the ideal place to stay for a few relaxing holidays on the way to another city. While there are no carriers that provide a free or cheap intermediate stop over in Tokyo, if you know which city combination you are looking for, you can make a stop over in Tokyo for very little extra monetization.

USD$2184 was the least expensive non-Tokyo travel alternative. Activities and sights in Tokyo on a brief stopover: Decorated Temples, the Imperial Palace Garden, the Tokyo Tower and the Meiji Shrine are great places for those in the city who make a stop.

If you are only in the city for a single night or less, it is possible to take a cheap coach trip from the main station. To get out of the city' s hubbub, you don't have to go far to find hills to the east and isles to the east.

There is no need for a push to persuade anyone to come to London. It is really one of the largest towns in the whole wide range of the globe and there is no lack of historical sights and activities. However, for just about every traveller coming from outside the UK, London's attendance at the London Fair is cruel.

but London won't be on a list of the lowest cost cities in the word in the near future. With Indie visiting London on a stopover: British-style airways does not provide stop-overs in London, but you can use Indie or a website such as Kayak or SkyScanner to bring London to your multi-stop route for little to no supplement.

One of the capitals that can sometimes make your route even cheaper is London, if you are already travelling to Europe for part of your journey, especially if your major Europe destination is a smaller, more arcane city or city in Central/Eastern Europe that is usually more costly.

USD$2472. The cheapest alternative for the trip without London was $8 more - USD$2472. Activities and sights in London on a brief stopover: Nineteen London stereotypes in one afternoon, the . Although cheap, Istanbul is still significantly more costly than Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other parts of the Middle East, but if you have difficulty incorporating it into your travel plan and your travel budgets, a layover is a good way to spend a few extra nights while traveling to another city.

Stopping off in Istanbul with Turkey Air: Among others, Turkey Airlines operates flights via Istanbul from the USA to Africa, Europe to Africa, Asia or Australia and Australia to Europe. There are no promoted flights for Istanbul to be added as a free or cheap way to stop in, but if you choose the price of your journey using the DCY mode and find that your best choice is to travel from point A to point A, then toy around with schedules to see if you can prolong the way for little additional charge to a longer one.

With Indie to Istanbul for a stopover: But the cheapest way to go without London was $163 more - $3080. What to do and see in Istanbul on a brief stopover: It is a huge city with great historical richness, divided into three different areas. The majority of the sights visited by visitors are in the Old Town.

Are you a connoisseur of markets, then you should discover the huge basares around the old town. And there are other favorite places you can include in your route as a stopover for little or no additional charge. Keys to this are that you are familiar with the airlines' geographical location and either become conscious of certain towns that are cheap places to stop between point A or point A, or that knowledge of the towns in each area is the cheapest way to get in and out:

However, there are many ways, and as long as you are willing to do your homework, there are some stunning places you can go for little or no additional charge, sometimes for less than a more straightforward itinerary. You ever use layovers?

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