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Commercial Internet Charter

High Speed Internet for Businesses - High Speed Internet for Businesses The Internet speed is much higher than the speed of Internet via ADSL. The FREE of charge service your company needs, includes your website location, customized e-mail locations, Internet safety, clamp backups and more. Know how much your company depends on your Internet connectivity - and on a dependable, high-speed link. Accessible protections for your critical enterprise information.

Internet connection dedication at rates that meet your needs. Select from a range of Internet, voice and TV related applications. Just qualifying new corporate clients. May not have a subscription to any relevant service in the last 30 calendar or have any pending Charter commitment. The Internet connection may not be available in all areas.

Real velocities may differ. The Internet connection may not be available in all areas. Real velocities may differ. WiFi free not available in all areas =value calculated on the selling prices for similar products. ^^^Business WiFi is a privately owned WiFi networking solution for in-house staff and authorised visitors. Our products and sevices are governed by all valid general sales agreements, which are susceptible to changes.

Spectrum BEATBOX Commercial Charter[Warning: Extremely gay content]

It says it all, if not, stick your lids on and try to see the whole commercial. The only reason I post this is because the Charter annotations were deactivated when they were uploaded. You knew that you would receive 99% (justified) hate-filled commentaries and criticism. Actually, I mean gotta say; gotta be a pirate, biker, our domesticity, clerk, beatboxer hat to put this spiritually backward dark lady in the ad.

Everybody I know hated your advertising.

Yacht Charter Communication

Wide-ranging range of solution. Spectrum is a range of progressive TV, Internet and telephone service offerings provided by Charter Communications to 26 million clients in 41 states. Watch this footage to find out more about our 95,000 people, our offerings, our promotional offerings, our 24/7 community messaging and our athletic programs, and how our reliable ecosystem enables our clients to reach their full capabilities.

For more information on Spectrum, please go to or for an application, go to

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