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Today, XOJET is one of the biggest privately held airlines in North America. Our charter business is the biggest in the world and we own and manage the biggest ever rented ultra -mid range of jet aircraft. The XOJET was the first privately owned airline to equip its aircraft with free Wi-Fi. As the only privately owned airline, we have received the first two ARG/US security ratings in all twelve ARG/US security classes.

XOJET employs several hundred people throughout the nation and has office locations in San Francisco, Sacramento, New York and Los Angeles. Our services cover a broad array of companies and individual clients across a broad variety of sectors, from financial services to corporate investments, corporate investments, consumer electronics, consumer electronics, consumer electronics, consumer electronics, consumer electronics, media services and consumer electronics. Latest vacancies at XOJET, Inc:

Former aerospace positions at XOJET, Inc: We' ve got over 19 air travel classes to which we belong: Bookkeeping, administrative, avionics, dispatchers, engineers, executives, finances, air traffic controllers, interiors, fixtures and fittings, scheduled services, servicing, managements, paint, pilots, helicopters, distribution, editors, cabin manning.


XOJET, Inc. The 401k Gewinnbeteiligungsplan & Trust is a contributory pension scheme with a 401k function and a participating part. It is below the first 15% of the payroll accounting schemes. XOJET, Inc. The 401k Profit Share Participation Scheme & Trust currently has over 400 participating members and over $19.7 million of pension fund net worth.

The pension calculation lag applies only to this contributory pension scheme and does not take into consideration other pension schemes and programmes provided by this employee. Relevant detail about the scheme and the scheme sponsors, to include the scheme sponsor's location and sector and the scheme asset and participant population.

Planning figures as at 31.12.2016The planning figures were examined by an independent qualified public accountant (IQPA).


Actual pilot jobs /// XOJET, Inc. News /// XOJET, Inc. About XOJET, Inc. /// General Information /// XOJET, Inc. AddressXOJET, Inc. Flottentypen26 CE750 - Cessna Citation X Coporate Jet, 14 BD100 - Bombardier Challenger 300 Coporate Jet, 2 HS125 - Hawker 800XP Coporate Jet. Orders23 C750 Cessna Citation X Coporate Jet, 5 Bombardier Challenger 300 Coporate Jet (60 options), 12 Hawker 800XPR Coporate Jet.

NotesFractional Ownership / Corporate Charters. Latest update2018/08/20/20: Fleet and information updated. Actual Pilotjobs /// XOJET, Inc. Info pilot recruitment /// XOJET, Inc. Must be in possession of FAA pilot's license and medical license. AddressXOJET, Inc. Be it as a corporate agent or an industry-led pioneer, we will quickly send you an e-mail once the changes have been validated and posted on-line.

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