Small Airplanes for Sale by Owner

Minor aircraft for sale by the owner

Airplane sales Weak, untouched aircraft for the discerning buyer. To buy the first plane is exciting and confusing all at once. I' ll let you introduce yourself as "aircraft owner." Billions were successfully flown by their owners. The pilot/owner can often help with the priming.

Registry of aircrafts - Registration of an aeroplane

A plane is approved for US registration if it is not enrolled in another state and is in possesion of it: A person who is a U.S. national, a partner, each of whom is a person who is a U.S. national, a corporate body or an association: organised under the law of the United States or a state, the District of Columbia or a U.S. jurisdiction or property in which at least 75% of the vote is held by individuals who are U.S. nationals, an individual person of a non-U.S. nation legally permitted to reside permanently in the United States, an airplane may only be recorded from and in the name of its owner.

In order to enroll an airplane, please submit the following to thecraft Registration Branch: tocraft Registration Apply, AC Form 8050-1, If you use a P.O. Box as your postal adress, you must also specify your road or your geographical position on the enrollment form. Applications for certification shall contain the name of each signatory signed, either type or print, in the pad.

Every signatory must also indicate his name according to his function in order to be able to subscribe on behalf of the requester, i.e. sole owner, co-owner, associate, executive member or company director: such as chairman, deputy chairman, executive director, executive director, executive director, executive director, executive director, secretary, secretary etc.; contact the aircraft registry department by telephone, e-mail or post if you have a registry issue that is not covered on these pages.

Buying a plane, selling a plane, boarding a plane, boarding a plane.

Sturure provides visibility and control in the way your airplane is managed. Starting with support, our airplane managment teams end with a responsibility to you: we make sure your airplane gets the necessary data base upgrades, renewal of subscriptions, adherence to regulations, expert detail and clean-up, coordination of insurances, reduced rate fuels, hanger and concierge services, airplane production and pro-active communications with the owner.

However, we realize that although you do not want to administer the aircraft, you still want to be integrated proactively into the processes. This is to give you all the information, as detailled or brief as you require, and to ensure that your aircraft gets the accuracy and service it needs.

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