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At Spectrum Business, we provide technical support to our customers in various ways. Perhaps you'll get better technical support. However, the charter business will use the same exact line and type etc as the normal home.

Representative of technical support (Spectrum Business)

Imagine a tech freak? Spectrum is the place to be. Remember, we're not just a wire business; as a Spectrum Business Technical Support Representative, you support telephone, wire, web and videoconferencing to keep America's small businesses going! Explore the most complete workout there is...plus enormous support, incentive and a clear job history for growment-all in a learning environment that appreciates and reward achievement.

Join our Business Classcare team to help clients receive inbound phone call and troubleshoot issues such as gateways connections and e-mail support. Provide information, choices and an unparalleled levels of customer experience to make your clients feel better today and in the future. At Spectrum, we believe that by offering a full range of advantages, we can help our staff take good care of those who are most important, both at work and at home.

Possibility of using a personal computer, which includes text processing, spreadsheets, databases and web-based apps. Basics necessary for working in the Business Class Care Department environment: Support clients at all technology tiers with effective trouble-shooting of web connectivity, telephone service, e-mail support and telephone videos.

Technical knowledge preferred:

Works as Technical Support Representative at Spectrum: 112 Review

You communicate progress incorrectly within the organization (it's very hard to get off the phone, so if you're trying to get into the call centre just to go to another department - you may have a higher level of training or qualification - you'll be trapped in the call centre for a hurtful year.

Long work time, not for folks who seek progress any time soon even with greater training, seems like they don't care active intellectual wellbeing in the call centre, applying to the location you want, or you pin claws to get a chance to even see it.

Spectrum provides good odds and aggressive payment, most locations are just something torch location that you don't want to do for too long and there aren't many career options. The Spectrum is a great enterprise with which you can work all around. And the only way I'm going to leave the spectrum is because I'm working in the call centre business and I've become disinterested.

Preferably I would leave college and maybe reapply for another job at Spectrum. Complimentary wire, great advantages, great payment. The Spectrum was a bonus-based business. Supports all wire harnesses for clients in a high-volume call centre area. Upgrade, down-grade, transfer as well as connect your cables with our outstanding support team. While I was working in support, there were many unreliable figures that we were in charge of, such as a client who calls back after you fix his wire or web problem.

A lot of those occasions a technician really had to come out, but that also goes against you if you have to broadcast too many. And what if it goes out again within those so many of those few days and the technology has gone out there.... well suppose what... that can influence you. Well paid, good social services, good employees.

It would be a great position if it weren't for the client complains, and there are too many of them. Soon, however, the top floor minds got us and connected us to another one to support their call volumes, and apparently it was three ours so much harder to get away western because the discomfort NEVER ceased, and every call was harder than the last one.

Excellent education and great benefit were offered. You know, I worked for Time Warner Cable not Spectrum. This was a good work until the technical support jobs becameilling and selling. You' ve been rated and are competing with distribution, very corporate and not client oriented. Some great guys and trainings, but a little sweatshops. Your chances of being successful can greatly rely on who your boss is. There are some very poorly skilled superiors here.

Excellent support, managerial skills and employment creation. A good working atmosphere, a thriving business that is spreading throughout the entire enterprise and becoming one of the biggest services companies. It'?s paying off, but the lessons are poor and the practice is horrible. Afraid of dismissal, horrible working time, very poor workout, no support, you have to "bid" to get a vacation.

All in all an okay business to work for, with great advantages, okay wages, career prospects and periodic long hours for those who want to invest the additional work. Employees are divided into new employees and disappointed ex-BHN who have just started work or are nearing the end of their working lives to take them in.

Honestly, if you need a good position, it's a good place to work as long as you can manage the fact that the business will be struggling for a while to get to grips with acquiring and disempowering customers. I' d look elsewhere if you haven't got your locations geared to move quickly to a lower division.

The benefit is also very good. There is no need for evaluation of actual abilities or assessments of engineering abilities to move up to a leadership or supervisory role. The call processing is stressful: Car Answering Albums, you are expecting to de-escalate your phone conversations when folks are crazy Spectrum for the business that makes them false.

Because of the stress factor, hard times, unsatisfactory business practices and the number of angry/drunk calls you have to work with. Excellent request to work, folks are very kind, everyone is so supportive, has learnt a lot, especially in areas where I had no experience.

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