Book Multi Leg Flights Online

Booking multi-legged flights online

To those unfamiliar with booking airline tickets online, multi-city flights are likely to be outside your comfort zone. Sometimes it helps with complex multi-city trips. How many travellers can I book online? If you would like to book only a child or infant ticket, please contact our reservation and ticket staff. In case what you have requested is not available online, please contact us.

Onlinesources - How do I book a multi-part trip with a local airline?

It'?s not valuable that flights back always come from A-B-A. You want an open-jawed (sort-of) ticket - and that's almost always two one-way fares. On there are sometimes variations that appear when you choose several aerodromes in your "return flight" - you could try that (in the "from" field you can enter MAD, and in the "to" field "DEL,BOM.

However, it can then only find the least expensive way back to DEL. Well, it might be a good shot. I would suggest Flightfox as another possible one. It' like an online tour operator - you just owe a small charge, and their expert staff will find the best deal they can book for you. Search other online resource based queries, book airline companies or ask your own one.

Multi City Maps and Southwest - Fodor's Travel Talks forums

Hello, we try to buy flights from Portland OR (PDX) to Pittsburgh, then we make some trips on the east coast and go home from Washington DC. South West could be better, but I can't find out how to make the multi-city on your company's website. It seems the choices are adult and elderly.

I' m so rarely flying southwest, I forgot! In the southwest, each sector can be reserved individually, as the indicated rates are one-way-rates. So you can book from one town to another and then drive the next town to the next stop. When you have some leeway, subscribe to e-mails with preferential rates.

After you put in your first two feet, you' re gonna get an " Ad A Flight." However, it makes no distinction in costs, as said by DebitNM. Seniors are fully reimbursable. How about cashback or credits for upcoming flights that are eligible for refunds? Now that you ask, I've been reading two different things, two different places on the Southwest website, so I'll call and ask!

That' what the Wanna Get Away rates are: "Southwest Airlines rates are non-refundable but may only be used for the original booked traveler on Southwest Airlines flights in the future." This is what applies to seniors: "Southwest Airlines will only apply these rates to the original booked passengers on flights with Southwest Airlines in the future."

When there was no distinction, they should be reading exactly the same, but they don't, so I take this to mean that the seniority rate is reimbursable as in cashback. Okay - but here's the ring tone - the seniors rate is about $90 more per trip than the Wanna Get Away rate on a model plane I just reviewed!

For DING! tariffs it would be more than that than a distinction. and the price is over $135 over.

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