Sri Lankan Airways Heathrow to Colombo

Lankan Airways Heathrow to Colombo

Travelogue: Sri Lanka A330-300 Business Class September 2016 With SriLankan Airlines having flown our radars for far too long, their new Airbus Airline is now in full operation with their A330-300s. This airline has evolved as a market player throughout Europe and Asia and with its "Bid Upgrade" services, it enables economic travellers to purchase a low-cost, fully-fledged flatbed at the front of the airplane.

The SriLankan Airlines fly from London Heathrow 3, our second most popular airport at Heathrow. Bus class travellers enjoyed two special check-in counters, and although both were busy when we arrived, within 30 seconds a counter was free and we were welcomed by cheerful and rather amusing check-in personnel.

FastTrack, which was a fantasy as there was no waiting line, and it took no more than 15 min from the Heathrow Express arrival to the lounges. The SriLankan uses the British Airways Galleries in T3 which features an Elemis Wellness Centre and the standard amenities and advantages of a BA suite, however the room is quite claustrophobic with only a few window frames and when we got there it was very crowded.

However, there is some good stuff, as there are other Oneworld locations in T3, among them American Airlines and (soon) Cathay Pacific's nice new one. However, as the plane was one of the last of T3's flights at nights, the lounging area quickly cleaned up, leaving plenty of room to extend and unwind.

No champagne will be issued, so if you want to blow blisters before you go, you need to ask one of the employees in the lounges. About 30 min before the takeoff the plane began from a gatehouse, only 10 min walking from the lounges, and when we got there we went directly by plane.

The A330-300 is operated by SriLankan on the London-Colombo line, which provides its latest cabins offering. A330-300 provides 27 full-surface fishbone flatbed seat in a 1 x 2 x 1 layout. While the best single seating is in the windows as they provide the greatest level of private space, the middle seating is best for pairs traveling together.

Although the cab is fairly straightforward, with plain trims and surfaces, the back end is decorated with a modern Pfauen style, and the ceilings are decorated with the Airbus white stars in the nighttime Airbus logo. When entering the plane, the cab was illuminated normally, but as soon as the plane took off, ripples of colored atmospheric light were filling the cab during the various stages of flying.

And we were immensely touched by the fit. Zodiac Cirrus was the Zodiac Cirrus essential piece of equipment, with a few additional features, but the seats were upholstered in plain bluish hide and decorated with complex designs of naturally lined headrests and cushions. We' ve always liked the Cirrus chair, it's roomy, convenient and robust and well stocked with everything from lights to lights, electricity, a remote control, a remote control and a folding sofa.

A small problem was the absence of many security areas in the seats. There' s a boot rack under the Otto and a small, semi-deep bowl next to the leg, under the large side desk, but the Sri Lankan fit does not provide the earphone cabinet the fit provides on other styles as the ideal retention area.

There was a great choice of menus for both supper and breakfasts, and the back even featured a Sri Lankan recipes. Soon after, our desks were set with tablecloths, our orders were accepted and our dining services started. was welcome on an evenings cruise.

We were pleased to see that the carrier offered four choices for the entrée, among them a pan-seared fillet of beef sirloin fillet and vegetarian cheese but we chose chicken cheese, which was a little spicy and full of powerful aromas. The food was accompanied by two reds from Latin America, two whites from France and Australia and a port drink after supper.

There was a cheeseboard for desert, as well as fruits and a tiramisu, all of which were taken on a cart after the hut had cleaned out the front aisle. Chairs provide labels to ask to be awakened for a duty free or meal, and we immediately affixed our "Wake for meals" label to the chair, thrilled with what breakfasts would do.

By 10 am 20 min we were amazed to be awakened for lunch after sleeping all the way through the plane. When we lifted our eyes masks 2 hrs before we landed, we were amazed when a Smiling Cubicle Team with a Hot-Towel came to us and asked if we wanted some Juice.

About 5 min. later the booth staff came back and presented another tablecloth and a serving dish with a large cup of yogurt and fruits. Among the most important breakfasts were a traditional Sri Lankan breakfasts with Kiribath, Seeni Sambal and a tuna curry; a omelette of herbs and cheeses with cold meats and Rösti, a veggie option prepared with mashed potatoes and Kiri Hodi.

Maybe less a continental meal and more an evening meal, but the sirloin, the koebab and the lard and the sausages were delicious and delicate. Our breakfasts were uncritical and, like the remainder of the trip, thoughtful and kind. The ministry in Sri Lanka has something really modest and sincere about it that has made us want more.

Shortly before the arrival the cab insiders distributed chocolate and expressed their gratitude for our tradition and our coats were given back. IFE's touch screen was backed up by a mobile phone next to the chair that included air charts and IFE's intuitively controlled controls that were perfectly positioned so you didn't have to get up to modify AVOD coding.

Earphones were of adequate sound qualitiy for this mission, but the same kind that we had problems with in the past due to the susceptibility of sound reduction technologies. Besides the amusement, there was a lot of comfort. We also had flip-flops, stockings, an ocular face shield, and after supper, we were oddly enough given a Crabtree & Evelyn convenience set stuffed with a fresh jojoba fog, lip cream and handkerchief, as well as a combs, tooth set, ear plugs and handkerchiefs.

We would have really liked to see a bed mat or a protective cover for the chair, as after a while sleep on the chair became a little bit warm and could have benefited from some shelter. And we were thrilled with the low cost of the Businessproducts in comparison to what it provides.

Servicing, eating and the tough products were all of the highest standard, and although the fit does not have all the bell and whistle of other wearers, it is perfect for Sri Lanka. Featuring driver support, Bid upgrade and a host of other features, as well as one-world revenue opportunities, this is a less well-known but equally capable long-haul operator that should be used at the earliest possible chance at a low price.

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