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Lankan Airways Sri Lankan Online Check-in

Online booking was smooth and uncomplicated. When you need help or want to tell us something, please contact us. Srilankan Airlines Popular International Flights DriLankan Air Lines Limited is the flags of Sri Lanka. It is headquartered in Katunayake, Sri Lanka. In the past SriLankan Airways has received many renowned distinctions.

Kuwait, Dammam, Riyadh, Muscat, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha, Jeddah, Amman & Sharjah. There are also codeshare arrangements with other carriers.

The SriLankan Airlines airline fleets 22 aircrafts, among them widebody A340s, A330s and mid-range A320s. SriLankan Airlines also offers a web check-in function. In order to check your SriLankan Airlines PNR state, please click here. If you would like to check the SriLankan Airlines operating schedule at any time, please click here.

So if you're interested in more information, take a look: of SriLankan Airlines Oman; SriLankan Airlines Qatar; SriLankan Airlines Kuwait; SriLankan Airlines Bahrain.

CeChin, India SriLankan Airlines City Headquarters

Cechin City SriLankan Airlines Offices Address: SILLANKAN Airlines Limited, C/o Translanka Air Travels Pvt Ltd. SriLankan Airlines City Offices phone numbers: Please note: Check-in begins 24 hrs to 2 hrs prior to planned sailing times (local time). SriLankan Airlines luggage service phone numbers: Check out SriLankan Airlines Hand luggage, hold luggage, hold luggage, overweight luggage fees, overweight luggage fees, oversize luggage fees in the above links.

Do you have a question / complaints when you reach the SriLankan Airlines Cochin City address or number?

Lankan Airlines....worst carrier ever - Sri Lanka Forum

A few months ago I had had the most terrible travel experiences with the Sri Lankan Airlines and wanted to divide them with those who were considering flying with them. First, I will be sharing the good experiences with the trip to Sri Lanka, our plane back was a real bad dream. My 2 year old and my friends went from Paris to Colombo over the holiday season.

One of the restrooms didn't work. Terrible thing was she came back. and it was a one-and-a-half hours ride from Colombo to Heathrow, and it was a no-dream. and the airplane was even older than the one we were in before.

At the end of the first supper they had after the start, they all went to sleep in the back with the drapes on. There are no beverages, no refreshments that will be delivered after 7hrs. Had to go to the tail of the airplane and ask for gravy and she could give me something.

Also, I saw a serving trays full of different juice standing on the edge waiting to be serviced that was not serviced until 4hrs later ( which we declined to serve as the OJ had sat out). They eventually serviced us the next food and lesson before we arrived at Heathrow.

And when we got there, we were starving and exhausted from a hell of a ride. When SL promotes their tourist industry, they should at least upgrade their departures and maybe employ a skilled crews. Departures at 2245. I have to say that the CCTV itself will show it, if you have stimulants the friendly hearts to check, is that how you offer customers support?

It' actually the poorest airline/service ever. Although I clearly outlined the circumstance and arranged help while traveling with a handicapped traveller, they could not help take that traveller to a handicapped lavatory, which led to the handicapped traveller getting dirty (which made it so difficult to clean them in the handicapped lavatory, which was very clearly used as a cabinet for cleaning).

This was very demeaning and demeaning for the young handicapped person. SriLankan Airlines I would classify as an air carrier without acknowledging the right of the handicapped to be dignified. Departing all the time too late, causing me trouble if I took my connection plane. The last one to leave Colombo 2 hour too early for Bangkok, when I arrived there I had to walk 1.5 km with 3 carry-on bags through the area.

Aeroplane was fine, too. Last months I was flying with Sri Lankan companies from/to Abudhabi to take a trip in Busi-ness-Class to Kuala llumpur. Many things pleased me in this airplane, from the quick check-in to the landing in Kil. You have a beautiful flatbed on the A330 from CMB TO CLUB, it has more legroom in comparison to my beloved carrier ETIHAD .

No, I am planing my next Asia tour with Sri Lankan airline companies, they are the most terrible I have ever known. From Thailand our plane had been more than 7 hrs late, we got a dried sandwhich and 500 ml rain. Another connection in Rome was missing and I was informed in Colombo that in Rome an indemnity is being paid.

In Rome, the desk said that online support would react and address the problem. SARLANKAN AIRWAYS IS THE WORST AIRLINE IN THE WORLD. Her first and only experiences with SriLankan Airline I suppose. EVERY airline has a delay from now on. It is interesting, of course, that the price for the same journey from India was 50% higher than for this journey from Columbo, but the same is more or less true for the other airline companies India-Colombo, it is a general marketing point.....

Happy birthday, my two cent on Sri Lankan Air Lines. 4 x I flew with them (1-4 hours flights), and several x with other different carriers. Not one of the best, Sri Lanka is certainly NOT the poorest carrier in the whole wide web. Mr President, I fully understand that all air carriers have long delays and that there are incidents that cannot be averted.

It' s the way these issues are handled and, as I said before, the employees have been of very little help, not only in Colombo but also on the airplane, in Rome in the London liaison and on the Internet... the service department just does not react to e-mails. There was a connection with a different carrier in Rome which I have missed and which costs me a great deal of time.

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