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Birkenhead, Argyle Satellite Cars, Great Britain. Argyle Taxi low prices for DFW transports. Unsurpassed taxi service from Argyle to/from DFW Airport. The Argyle Shuttle to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

Wirral, Ellesmere Port and Neston's biggest cabbie.

More than 50 years of combined expertise and commitment in the field of public transportation services make it clear why we are the premier privately held rental, cab and airports transportation group. Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to inform you that we now have an operator license for Cheshire West and Chester. Over 650 taxis in Wirral, Merseyside and Cheshire, with more than 53,000 trips per week. Every day we have more than one hundred and fifty taxis.

The region's biggest regional airline for air transport, with over 10,000 air transport operations each year. We have the car you need and the expertise to handle your reservation; your vacation begins when we collect you. In contrast to other reservation applications, you can reserve your car for the desired period, now or later.

Each of our licenced riders must have a satisfactorily extended DBS and be BTEC/VRQ-qualified. We are always close with 24-hour Birkenhead 24-hour service centre complemented by our own regional reservation office and a free telephone service with over 60 telephones. At least four people can be carried by all registered cars, but we can also offer special cars for up to eight people and wheelchairs.

Should you require assistance with your reservation or have a request, please do not hesitate to call us on 0151 201 1111 or 0151 666 1111. All our rental and cab rental services are independent and authorised by both Wirral Council, Cheshire West and Chester and Liverpool City Council.

The Argyle Taxis and Wirral Satellite Cars merger

A new Merseyside taxis operator named Argyle Satellite has been formed by Argyle Taxis and Wirral Satellite Cars. The Argyle Satellite Group has an established vehicle pool of more than 600 units and is planning to increase this to 800 within the next 18 month. In addition, the Umbrella Fund is planning to open an Eastham branch to serve the southern Wirral area, which includes Bromborough, Sutton, Neston, Cheshire Oaks and Ellesmere Port.

Johnny Jordan, Argyle Satellite's executive vice president and former president of Wireral Satellite Cars, said: "With Argyle Taxis, we have found a companion who has a similar shared mission and ambitions to bring the best global expertise and client support to Wirral that we can, while offering a greater earning potential to our domestic driver base, as together we offer 250,000 trips per year.

Our shared strength lies in working together to create the cab company of choice for local communities, companies and tourists across Wirral." Argyle Satellite CEO and former Argyle Taxicab CEO Terry Wilson said: "It is a transaction between two already existing taxis that will produce an effective, lean and reliable cab ride that the Wirral community deserves.

Each of our vision is a vision of the other, and we look forward to seeing this new phase evolve as we pursue our ambitions to expand our business into hard-to-reach areas that will serve the recreation and tourist industries as well as the community throughout the country. The Argyle Satellite BoD consists of Argyle Taxis stockholders and will be joined by Chris Jordan, CabFind, Davy Liver Taxis and Wirral Satellite Cars, who will spearhead the combined business's expansion strategies.

In the former Argyle Taxis headquarter in Birkenhead, the new call center for Argyle Satellite will be accommodated, and the Wirral Satellite Cars headquarter will become the Learning College and administrative offices. Wirral Satellite Cars' current West Kirby offices will also stay open.

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