Helicopter Hire for Prom Prices

Rent a helicopter at Prom prices

HELICOPTER RENTAL FOR SPECIAL EVENTS IN SOUTH EAST ENGLAND, ESSEX, HERTS AND LONDON Responding to the ever growing helicopter charters and rentals markets in the UK, we have an impressive pool of aircraft leased through Essex & Herts, one of London's premier helicopter rental companies. Improve your travelling by renting your own helicopter as an alternate to roads and rails, eliminating all the unavoidable delay on roads and rails.

We organize for you the pick-up and the transport to the next helicopter airfield (or, wherever possible, to the appropriate privat pick-up and airfield), from where you will be taken to your desired location, refreshed and prepared for everything! All our helicopter charters are proud to present their helicopter fleets and pilots.

Our highly skilled pilot staff are also specifically qualified to meet the needs of our business and personal customers and their customers. Rent a helicopter for your bridal transportation to bring an exhilarating and glamorous touch to your anniversary. Arriving by helicopter, you will surely be reminded of your extensive weddings, your relatives and your buddies when you make your big appearance from the sky.

When you arrive by helicopter at your marriage location, your days will surely be enriched by a magic part. The helicopter guarantees an memorable entry or departure for the shining, freshly wed pair from the place of your choice. A helicopter ride will be a perfect addition to your timetable and will help you make your trip a smooth one.

Avoidance of possible transportation delay on the road means that you have one thing less to take care of on your particular occasion. Since your anniversary is one of the most important and unforgettable moments of your lifetime, it makes perfect sense to plan and execute this vital item carefully to make sure the event goes well.

Perhaps you're considering a traditionally big appearance for the groom in a horse-drawn coach, sedan or luxurious Rolls Royce; but what could be more dramatically than the groom making his own big appearance in his own personal helicopter? There will be ample opportunity for your local geographer to take a number of photos of you around the helicopter before your flight leaves, and for you to take more photos when you get to your final destinations.

For you we can organize champagnes, tickets and presents that will be placed in the helicopter prepared for your passenger upon your arrivals. Helicopter chartering to an events is without a doubt one of the most coveted ways to get around! When you participate in an activity as a competitor, a company visitor or a bystander, helicopter arrivals make the opportunity even more unique and unforgettable, with the added benefit of being able to avoid jams on your way in, and especially on your way out, when everyone is trying to walk at once.

Many of the major venues, such as the UK Grand Prix at Silverstone, the Festival of Speed at Goodwood and Royal Ascot, require a dedicated location for our shuttles and a tailor-made charters facility for all venues. You' ll get there in good shape for the first run, relaxing and prepared to spend the whole afternoon.

You, too, the "sport of kings", can be like a king when you reach the race track by helicopter. We take you to the best races on the schedule - Royal Ascot, Derby, Cheltenham Festival... Escape the crowd and take a helicopter over their head and congestion to drastically shorten your journey and at the same enjoy a convenient way to do it.

Scheduling a specific events at a third-party location can be challenging considering how to get there. Eliminate the hassle of scheduling and make your particular occasion even more unforgettable by renting a helicopter to make your round trip easy.

Whether it's a specific destination, be it a specific resort or resort in and around London, Esex or Hertfordshire, helicopter travel makes your trip a memorable experience. You can also make your own reservations if your meeting lasts several nights, so you can have as much fun as you want.

Avoid the hassle of queuing and come to any meeting in stylish fashion or just take a city drive through a popular area. Fly in a helicopter is an unforgettable adventure and will make sure that your special day is discussed long after the end of the helicopter flight. Surely you can unwind knowing that our dependable and knowledgeable staff will make sure your helicopter charters run smoothly.

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