Macbook Air Notebook

Notebook Macbook Air

MacBook Air Notebook Computer Z0NZ-MD7601B B&H Apple 13.3" MacBook Air "3 "3" MacBook Air Notebook Computer from Apple is an ultra-portable notebook computer with a thin and sleek styling. This system is characterized by its one-piece aluminium casing. MacBook Air is packed in an aluminium case that's as sturdy as it is portable. Since it is made of a massive aluminium bloc, the case is thicker than those of a laptop constructed by conventional means.

"3 "3" in size, and has the 16:9 screen a 1440 x 900 natively resolved. Provides a shiny surface and backlit LEDs for improved picture clarity and power management. MacBook Air weighted PCs are the most commonly rated netbooks. As a rule, netbooks have less than full keyboard, narrow track pads and power-saving cpu.

MacBook Air's not like that. The computer has a full-size, illuminated Chicago style keypad, just like the MacBook line of bigger calculators. Your computer offers all the convenience you want in a Mac - a FaceTime HD cam, dual-band 802, Wi-Fi 802 compatibility, Bluetooth 4.0, and built-in speaker technology.

MacBook Air comes with a full set of creative tools. iMovie helps you work with your home videos, iPhoto organizes your photo shoots, and GarageBand lets you write your own songs. Macbook Air also offers three productivity enhancing applications. With Keynote, you can build a high-performance slide show that includes everything from motion diagrams to richly illustrated spreadsheets with movie effect and transition.

MacBook Air comes with the easy-to-use Mac OS X OS software. Mac OS X has Time Machine Back-up, which backs up system information onto an offsite disk for automatic use. There is also native scrollability, the Launchpad launch engine and full image app assistance. MacBook Air's automatic storage function makes sure you don't loose any information even if you forgot to store a filename.

With AirDrop, it's simple to transfer data across desktops without the need for a Wi-Fi hub. And like the App Store, you'll be alerted whenever updates to your favourite applications are available for downloading.

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