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Bombardier plans to dismiss 350 more employees at Learjet Wichita factory

In a Tuesday afternoon newspaper, Mr Bombard said that the airline was going to cut 1,700 positions, 550 of them at its Learjet factory in Wichita. Dismissals affected across the range and included contractor, unionised and non-unionised staff, said Annie Cossette, spokesperson for Bombardier. 200 blue-collar employees have already left Wichita after they were dismissed in December.

Currently Boombardier has 3,000 contractor and staff directly based in Wichita. Cossette said that Mr. Bombardier would also continue with regular vacation trips and lay-offs of 300 Wichita workers during the first six month of the year, although some of the affected persons could be dismissed on a permanent basis. At the beginning of January, the enterprise informed the staff in a note that a combined six weekly vacation and transient redundancies would be realized in two-week blocs.

Dismissal message comes a single trading day after a frustrating 2013 delivery record - a record that clearly shows that the corporate jet aviation sector has not rallied since the end of the downturn more than four years ago. Specifically, the corporate jet airliner lightweight class did not recover as quickly as the firm had been hoping, despite promising indications in the U.S. auto industry, Cossette said about the cutbacks in Wichita.

"It'?s a very demanding market," said Cossette. She said the middle and large corporate markets were bigger than the lighter corporate markets. Most of the remaining 1,700 redundancies will be at the Bombardier Montreal facilities, she said. Delayed with two new airplane programmes, the company is working to keep cost under tight rein and save money, the firm said.

Plans to delay its new Learjet 85 Executive Programme, which was started in Wichita in October 2007, and its new CSeries Business Jets, which will be constructed in Canada, have been made. Last weekend she said that the CSeries aircraft would not be operational until the second half of 2015, a few month later than previously planned.

Premier flights of the 85-compound Learjet, due by the end of 2013, have been postponed, the firm said this past month. 45 million passengers are scheduled for the first time. As soon as the mission takes place, the Learjet crew will check whether this date needs to be postponed, she said. Bombardier on Monday reported that it had shipped 25 per cent fewer Learjets with Wichita assemblies in 2013 than in the previous year.

In 2013, 29 Learjet aircraft were shipped, up from 39 in the year before. This decrease is mainly attributable to the switch from Learjet 40XR and Learjet 45XR to Learjet 70 and 75, which went into operation in the final three months of the year. Bombardier supplied 180 corporate aircraft, including Learjet aircraft, in the Corporate Aerospace segment from 179 in 2012.

However, orders for 305 corporate jets were received last year, up from 343 in 2012. Guy Hachey, Bombardier Aerospace CEO, said in a Monday declaration that the rally is taking longer than expected.

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