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In the second quarter Charter lost 57,000 Pay-TV subscribers

Giants of the cables report higher revenues and better videos and CEO Tom Rutledge confirms that despite "many" attempts he is not following an acquisition of contents-enterprises. On Tuesday, Charter Communications, the CATV provider in which John Malone's Liberty Broadband holds a large interest, announced better-than-expected figures for the second half of the year and enhanced customer demand for paid TV.

"We have not altered our view of the content," said Charter chairman, Tom Rutledge, charter President and CEO on Tuesday. In the first quarterly profit call, Rutledge also emphasized his predilection to purchase a digital asset ownership based entertainment business by following the AT&T transaction for Time Warner and Comcast's acquisition of NBCUniversal.

" At that time was added Rutledge: "We' ll have our own videos. We' re going to be integrating all the videos. However, this does not mean that we per se have to own videotapes. "He also got a query about the latest media reports that Liberty Media chief John Malone was going to leave Charter's executive team. "He added, "He will remain the controlling stakeholder of Liberty Broadband, which holds approximately 20 per cent of the charter shares.

John will keep on working with the firm, that he enjoys the deal. "Charter on Tuesday recorded a 73,000 pay-TV sub-subsidiary deficit for the reporting year, up from a 91,000 deficit in the same month last year. Overall, Charter in the second quater suffered a total of 57,000 net pay-TV subscription losses, down from a net 76,000 in the same prior-year comparable number.

Cable cuts due to cheap Netflix and Amazon streamed videos have resulted in lower numbers of subscribers for many US paid TV operators. Charters said that its overall client base had grown by 196,000 versus a 213,000 return in the second quater of 2017. Charter's net income for the second quarter was $273 million versus a net income of $139 million in the prior year.

"In the last two years, we have made significant investments in rapidly integrating and unifying the operational policies of three major carriers," said Rutledge. "He added, "By the end of this year, our merger will be almost completed and we will operate as one organization with a single suite of products, services and market infrastructures that will enable us to speed up our pace of expansion and innovation.

" "Our'buy' credit ratings for Charter Communications and our $397 rate goal remain unchanged after just publishing good results," said Buckingham Research Group research firm Matthew Harrigan in an initial response. Charter's $55 billion takeover of Time Warner cable and its $10.4 billion May 2016 deal with Bright House made Charter the second-largest US cables group after Comcast.

On Tuesday, Mr Randledge confirmed that the essence of the business is interconnectivity, i.e. broad band, as pay-TV is "not really a stand-alone product" amid rivalry, cut cables and continuing programme costs up. However, he added that videoservices continue to be an important means of acquiring and keeping subscription-holders. Tuesday's profit request added further comment to Friday's morning headlines that Charter must be dismissed as a New York state operator after a resolution by a special committee to withdraw its consent to the company's acquisition of Time Warner cable.

"Often the political charge to public speaking is in the week before an election," the telecom provider said in a declaration after the New York Public Services Commission decided Charter had neglected to honour obligations to strengthen its domestic broad-band services in order to obtain prior clearance for its $56.7 billion TWC acquisition and Spectrum renaming transaction.

"The fact is, Spectrum has expanded the coverage of our progressive broad band coverage to more than 86,000 New York households and companies since our PSC fusion contract. With 11,000 different and local employees serving million clients in the state every week, our focus continues to be on providing more New Yorkers with better and quicker access to bandwidth, as we promised," Charter added.

"Commenting on Tuesday, Mr.utledge said, "We believe we are complying with the rules," and added that the firm felt it had a tough lawsuit. "He said in some ways that the New York office was ahead of the timetable, but he also admitted some work problems. Locked Rutledge: It has given the Charter 60 working days to make "an ordered transition", to become a winning operator or to lose its licence to do business in the State, and argues that the Charter has neglected to comply with the obligations of the mergers to achieve full penetration of New York State by offering services to a certain number of households.

"More than a year of administrational assertiveness to make the Charter consistent with the Commission's mandate to merge has brought the need for greater action to safeguard New Yorkers and the interests of the public," said John Rhodes, President of the Comission.

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