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Whilst study fees are rising, the USC is spending million on mostly empty areas.

Five civil servants climbed on the plane of the South Carolina Airport on August 1, 2016. Over the past five years, USC has issued $1. 97 million to pilot and retain the private aircraft it uses for administration trips, show notes. "But state Rep Kirkman Finlay, R-Richland, was disbelieving to learning how the university uses its private plane.

Comparing the use of an aircraft by the USC with General Motors, who flew his private plane to Washington, D.C., during the Great Recession, to request a rescue operation. "It' difficult for me to see them fly around in a plane that says we don't finance them while they put ten, sometimes a hundred thousand dollar bills on students," said Finlay, who is on the S.C. House panels that decide on financing college and university.

"The next call will be to ask what planets they are on," he said about the USC admins. When asked what he would expect from the college instead, Finlay said, "Drive - like the rest of us. "The USC has two aircraft, both nine-seater Beechcraft King Air 350s. King Air 350 is a "great working horse aircraft," said Nick Copley, chairman of SherpaReport, an on-line private air travel companion.

" The second USC aircraft is intended for use in track and field, but the administration aircraft is also often used for track and field and recruitment purposes, as the flying records show. Jeff Stensland, USC spokesperson, said the athletes division will use the administration level when the athletes platform is already in use or goes through servicing. Hickman said that if the aircraft is used for track and field, it will be funded from the track and field account, not from study fees, as is the case with other aircraft.

Most frequent use of the aircraft is for fund-raising, followed by track and field activities that show flying records. Since at least the 1980' s, the college has had several aircraft, said Jim Hamilton, who ran Columbia International which is now called after him. King Air's 350 USC used for administration trips is a 1991 scale helicopter that the U.S. Federal Endowment purchased for $2 million in 2003, Hickman said.

Meanwhile, in 2013, the non-profit trust of the U.S. universities resold them to the U.S. for 1 dollar, he said. The plane quickly amortizes itself, Stensland said. "It allows us to flexibly and reliably plan our meeting with major contributors and government officials," Stensland said in an e-mail. "You know that outside financing is vital for higher education, research promotion, student grants, departmental and institutional education.

USC alone generated a record $253.6 million in research-price sponsorship and $133 million in private contributions in fiscal 2017. "The plane also assists the university's top civil servants to participate in more meetings and collect more funds, the USC states. "It' s a tremendous amount of saving time," said Larry Evans, who controls the university's track and field plane.

Said if the college used its private plane to prevent it from spending the night awaiting a next morning business plane, it could be saving itself time. "USC Studentship President Taylor Wright said he thinks that the use of the plane by the U.S. is a well invested sum of cash. "The nine-seater King Air 350 from USC is often empty and often travels within 150 mile of Columbia.

Thus, on 14 February 2018, the University's private plane brought USC President Harris Patides from Colombia to Kingstree. This 18-minute ride was $610, but spared around an hours drive for only one passenger, pastide. On the other hand, according to airline logs and estimated costs, it would have costs only $51.

Over one in five USC departures in the last five years has been from one South Carolina South Carolina airfield to another in Palmetto State. "Why does the college board need a plane?" asked Ashley Landess, S. C. Policy Council Chairman, a think-tank with a limited Colombian governor.

"Why is it so important for a campus manager to get a seat in 30 instead of an hour and 30? "Fly is most effective when the plane is full, but the campus plane has been full for only three of its 867 flight hours in the last five years.

Every fifth of these planes had no passenger at all. The purpose of these operations was to maintain, train or reposition the aircraft at another location to accommodate passenger movements, as shown by the aircraft records. Out of the 671 passenger departures, the mean was 3. Four occupants and 72 min.. 28 per cent of these took less than half an hours.

The USC's website demands that USC customers reach Jim Hamilton-L. B. Owens International Airports 20 min before embarking on an aircraft, reducing the amount of travel times for shorter journeys. USC's administration aircraft records about 200 aircraft operating hours per year, which is at the lower end of the period most private aircraft operators fly, Copley said.

Featuring six berths, the six-seater model offers enough room for 88 per cent of all USC private aircraft and 94 per cent for inner-city services - and costs 21 per cent less per operating hour, according to aircraft records and estimated costs. The Clemson has a plane that is more costly to fly than a 350, but also a 90 for short trips with fewer people, according to the university's website.

Mr Hickman said it would not spare the USC any cash to resell its King Air 350 in favour of a smaller aircraft, such as a C90, as the aircraft it currently possesses has already been used. The USC has guidelines to keep flying efficiently, but top managers get a passport, show notices.

At least three students on each trip are required by college policies, but 44 per cent of non-maintenance or nontraining trips had only one or two students. Among the exempted travelers, 32 per cent were Pastiden, 30 per cent Athletic and 38 per cent Administration, Academy, Donor and other people.

Mean air travel with one passenger was 13 min less than all air travel and was more likely from one aerodrome in the state to another, as the air travel records show. Mr Hickman said that the aircraft will be used in circumstances - such as take-off at USC's 19 nationwide sites - where it is impractical for the college to schedule business trips in advance. However, the USC will not be able to provide the necessary training for the students.

2, 2016, USC Pastides, the only traveler, flown on the University's private plane to Indianapolis for an NCAA executive assembly. The USC administration has also brought the private plane to top-class sport matches or meetings. Among the Outback Bowl 2018 in Tampa, die NCAA Women's Soccer Championships 2017 in Orlando, das Women's Basketball SEC Finale 2016 in Jacksonville, Florida, das NCAA Women's Basketball Turnier 2015 in Greensboro, N.C., and die Basketball Hall of Fame Induction 2013 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Similar to a vehicle, the USC's operating expenses for an aircraft are higher than the label prices and petrol prices. Aircraft fleet charges, aircraft rental, aviation insurances, the two drivers together 146,720 $ per year salary, driver education and service factors in the overall expenses, show notes. Overall, it is costing the USC $2,033. 38 per hours to run the aircraft, according to a statement of expenses provided to USC.

Especially on long journeys with few travellers the expenses add up. The USC's private plane brought Patricia and Patricia from Colombia to Dallas, Texas on December 15, 2016 for "development and alert events," as the minutes of the meeting show. If the pair had bought $459.54 from Columbia Metropolitan Airport - whose mean fare is $459.54 as defined by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics - the overall one-way fare would have been $919.08.

Fly in this case on the private aircraft coastline is eightfold as much as purchasing an airline pass. Travelling with a full airline would be less expensive even for medium-haul journeys with a full aircraft, as shown by recordings and estimated costs. In March 2014, Pastides, his spouse, and seven other USC officers took the plane on a one-hour, 18-minute journey from Charleston to Manassas, Virginia.

lt costed an estimate of $2,643. Thirty-nine, to take the private plane in one direction. However, if these travellers had bought business airline seats at the $247 domestic mean price, the overall price for a one-way trip would have been $2,223. "Fees are rising at this university," said Landess of the USC. Five-year operating costs of the aircraft were calculated on the basis of USC's avarage costs per hour times the overall number of flying lessons over the last five years, 970,1.

USC's hourly costs of aircraft operation were lower than several estimations by the Aircraft Costs Calculator, LLC, an on-line tool that provides a break-down of ownership of an operation of an aircraft. Those estimations were not, however, used in this study. Our estimate of costs for traffic is a 2017 AAA estimate of the costs for the operation of a mini van, which includes natural gas, insurances, depreciation, servicing, etc.

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