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The Flight Options JetPass offers access to three different types of aircraft, from light to heavy jets. Share price of Jet Airways: Stocks of Jet Airways shares fall by 4% due to interim investigation report. However, in a marketing authorisation application today, the firm said that it "had not been notified of this by the Ministry of Enterprise". Its share opened weakly at 297.80 rubles and then dropped to a low of 289.

95 rubles, down 3.73 percent from its prior close.

There were similar movements on the NSE, where the share opened at 297.40 rubles and then dropped to a low of 289.65 rubles, down 3.89 percent from its last closing price. On August 9, Jet Airways postponed the announcement of unconfirmed June quarterly results and faced significant cash difficulties.

BSE and NSE have both asked the firm for an explanation. However, the Commission has not yet received any information. In the meantime, a Management Committee session is planned for August 27 to review and authorize the non-audited results for the first three months ended June 30.

What are the lowest investor prices for Jet Airways?

Today Jet Airways (India) Ltd. will announce its results for the first three months of June (Q1), which were postponed until August 9. In response to the headlines, the share price fell by more than 8% on August 10. Currently, stocks are still 8.6% lower since the postponement of their results.

In the course of the business year to date, the Jet Airways share has more than halved. ebit before special items amounted to What should an investor look to from Jet Airways' first three months results? Now, everyone is agreed that the airline's June loss would be more than in the March-quartal. Nor do the poor results for InterGlobe Aviation Ltd. (which operates IndiGo) and SpiceJet Ltd. in Q1 give cause for cause for concern.

Jet Airways reported 475,000 fewer national, foreign and Jetlite customers in the June third than in the March third. Based on the airline's quarterly report from June 2017, the mean price per flight was ? 7,233. Under the assumption that annual prices will stay the same (aviation is a seasonally driven business), the number of travellers should fall by 344 crores by ? in comparison to the March quarterly.

Aircraft jet engine fuelling averaged a 7.6% rise. The Jet Airways production volume or available passenger kilometers rose by approximately 1.7% quarter-on-quarter. Consequently, the cost of fuels is likely to rise by around 192 times in a sequential manner at 192-krore. Under the assumption that everything else will remain the same, it can be assumed that Jet Airways' June quarterly net financial debt will be approximately 535 crores higher than its March quarterly net financial debt of 1,040 crores.

It should be recalled that the June quarterly figures for SpiceJet and IndiGo also include the negative effects of the amortization of rupees. Traders should also pay attention to this in Jet Airways' figures. On the other hand, the air transport industry itself continues to face a demanding business climate due to the high costs involved (fuel, rupees). The high level of indebtedness is aggravating the situation, especially for Jet Airways.

If prices do not improve noticeably, the turbulences for the air transport industry should persist.

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