Gulfstream G4

Gulf Stream G4

Gulfstream G4 is the most important business jet for regional travel. Gulfstream IV is a significantly improved, larger, more far-reaching and advanced development of the earlier II and III. The Gulfstream stops G450 manufacture The Gulfstream G4 range is about to take its last (production) breather after three centuries of use, with the last week's news that no more G450 will be manufactured after 2018. Gulfstream has chosen to expand its G4 range (which comprises the GIV, GIV-SP, G350, G400 and most recently the G450) to make room for the planned 2018 arrivals of the 500.

The G450 and its precursors are a good option for a trans-continental personal jets journey with a cruising distance of 8056 km (4,350 nm). Although not as quick as its larger and younger brothers and sisters, it is still very much loved for privately operated airfares between London and New York as a cheaper passenger transport between these two major finance and recreation capital cities.

The G450, like the remainder of the Gulfstream series, features large elliptical window openings that allow occupants to see from the bright and roomy cab. G450 does not disappear without a replacement. Gulfstream in 2014 announces a plan for a new long haul aircraft, the next evolution long haul aircraft, the so-called 500, positioned between the G450 and the G550.

Featuring the Gulfstream Planeview dashboard, fly-by-wire control elements, large landscaping indicators and side-mounted cursor control, the model can travel slightly further and quicker than the G450. Certifications are planned for 2017 and the first shipments will take place in 2018 - the year the G450 is decommissioned. End of the G450?

Novel privately owned jets are being developed quite frequently, shifting the limits of reach, velocity and efficiencies - or to close a niche in the aviation world. Frequently, producers decide to simultaneously cease producing an old type, concentrate their effort on the new plane or tackle conflicts of a commercially viable nature in their products.

Gulfstream is doing this when it comes to making progress with the 500 and at the same time ceasing to produce the 450. A lot of older G450' s (and older G400, G350' s, GIVer and GIV-SPer) will be sold and chartered worldwide for many years to come. Privat jet aircraft have a varying durability, dependent on their use and serviceability.

However, many airplanes can be flown in perfect safety for tens of years as long as they are well cared for. Therefore we recommend our customers to consider the year of construction as well as the year of refurbishment. So, while it's not rolling off the assembly line anymore, the many G4 enthusiasts can unwind - it will be flying for many years to come.

Please call our flight team or +44 1747 642 777 for consultation or charters for a G450 or any other Gulfstream airplane.

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