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Les reviews de l'employeur pour FlightWorks

In order to be effective at FlightWorks, you need to be agile and dedicated to doing the best work you can every day. Make sure communications channels go up and down to guarantee business continuity. Make sure you have the right communications channels in place to help your business stay on top. It used to be a great business, until the present chief executive officer wrecked it by displacing every 5-7+ year old worker.

Senior managers need to understand the meaning of "transparent". No transparency exists in senior managers. Participate in some executive training sessions and be sincere with your people. Senior managers do not interact with external agencies. Business sense is down when the business side is losing cash and the customer annually.

Senior managers do not interact with external agencies. OCONUS employee and business managers lack the integration of headquarter personnel. A great managerial group. The people are great and the business has really improved in the last 6 month. Until six month ago, this was a challenge for the work, and the harm done by the former managers was almost too dramatic to be over.

Carry on with the great work and enhance communication throughout the group! Our leadership is focused on achieving our goals of excellence and growing our businesses. Good corporate governance will ensure that this enterprise flourishes. Our firm is committed to finding the top finishers in every leadership role - they are well placed for the market!

They' re in construction at the moment so everyone is doing a little more to make this enterprise an industrialist. The leadership must be involved in all facets of the organization until dynamism and infrastructures are in place. Changes that have taken place in this enterprise in the last 8 month are exceptional and are slowly showing serious results!

That has triggered a new kind of communications and mindset in this business. The latest voluntary work of the staff members' coregroup is also appreciated by top managers. At this point in history none yet - but to further advance the cultural change that began about 6 month ago. Apart from the manager, the staff try to work as a group.

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