Taksi Finland

Tacsi Finland

The yellow TAKSI sign is immediately visible. Transfers in Finland In Finland, Nokia telephones, Santa Clauses, Muminis and Saunas were born. The Mumin Museum and Finland's oldest open-air Finnish bath are located here. You can travel to Finland in several ways: by bus, train, taxis or transfer. In spite of all the fun about the lazy Scandinavian countryside, a cab here is a quick and very comfortable way to travel.

In Finland you can order a taxicab by telephone (Single Number -118), on the web or in specific places which sometimes have a key for ordering a taxicab. It is unacceptable in Finland to call a vehicle on the road. In Finland, the costs of a ride by taxis, whether to the Finnish airports or to another location, are computed according to a sophisticated formula that includes both the journey duration and the journey route.

Travel costs increase at nights, after 16.00 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. 4. It is possible to order a van for a group tour, but you have to do this before. In addition, you must reimburse for the wait, for ordering the vehicle to the nearest airports or from a specific location and for assistance with baggage.

Therefore, it is hard to assess the costs of a cab ride in Finland. If you book an individually arranged shuttle in Finland, you can see all our rates on the website. Included in the price are assistance with luggage and 1 hour waiting period. In no case will the costs for a transport be changed after the reservation.

All you have to do is to install the car seat. So as to prevent useless concerns during your vacation, please make sure to make a reservation for a repatriation immediately.

Finland's Taximonopoly - No Competition and the Highest Prizes in the Universe

Throughout 3 of the last 5 cab rides to the terminal the driver drove through traffic light signs, went far beyond the maximum allowed speeds, did not stop at the crosswalk and had 2 really unpleasant smells. I' ve used Ueber three time in Helsinki and several time abroad and was happy with their driver abilities and the cleaner vehicles and people.

I refuse to accept that Uber claims that they are not accountable for the drivers health cover, the driver's license or the fact that the rider is unemotional and not drug-rich. As Uber gets my cash and there is no way I can verify the rider, Uber is definitely held accountable if anything goes sour.

However, it seems that most MEPs will not be in favour of amending the rules on taxis, which is odd as safe driving is not a cab driver licence only. They also do not have a sole right to use a satellite navigation device. They also have no prerogative to charge shameless rates for a basic level of services that others like Uber can make much cheaper.

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