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"Embassy to Britain - use your significant Diplomatic Force and your leverage and join us as we take a truly inclusive initiative to reach a truly inclusive deal with #Iran. https://t.co/16MmXD0HzH".

#UK stays part of an arrangement. sorry woody, genuine lands run by genuine chiefs with genuine diplomats, don't violate arrangements with others out of defiance and hatred of the former presidents because he is dark. Both you and @realDonaldTrump are alone, take care of it. Stick to our arrangements and stop helping the felon in the White House....

If I were Britain, I would not be signing a single treaty with the lied, bigot and corrupt Trumpf-Admin. It was a failing that enabled the regime to continue its policy of violent behaviour, which resulted in many fatalities and destruction. Our disagreements are common because each of us looks at them from a certain perspective, but believe me, trade was poor because the government used it to finance terror.

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